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Monday, October 21, 2019

Could Your Old Phones Make You Some Money?

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( You might have an old phone lying around the house since you upgraded to last year’s latest iPhone. However, what you might not know is that you could still get some money for your old phone when you trade in. It will ensure that you can get the latest Samsung Galaxy at a lower price by topping up with the money you get for selling your old phone.

Where Do You Sell Your Old Phone

If you have an old Apple phone and you wish to sell it and buy the latest Huawei, you can use a comparison. A good place to try your luck is Sell My Mobile. Google is set to release a new Pixel this year and you could afford it by selling all those old phones you have lying around the house. On a price comparison site, you are likely to get a better price than selling directly. For one, since the buyers are trying to compete with each other, they have to offer great prices to get sellers. As such, it is possible to make 40% more on your old Sony device than if you go the direct route.

Try Out New Android Flagships

Companies such as Oppo have some great phones. For instance, Oppo OnePlus is a phone that you might want to consider. In terms of specs, the phone holds up quite well. HTC, which has been missing in the game for a while also has some cool phones you can buy. With all your old iPhones you have at home, you might not even need to pay anything more once you trade them in. Many android flagships cost about $600, which is what you might get for selling two or three old iPhones, depending on their age, specs, and condition.

How the Process Works

The process of selling a phone on a price comparison site is quite. You only need to visit the site and identify the full specs of your phone. These details can be found inside your phone. If you are unsure, you can always Google how to find the specs of your phone.

Once you have done that, feed in the details into the site and see the various offers. In most cases, you will find tons of offers from which to pick. The best thing about these sites is that they have a review section. As a result, you are able to identify buyers with the most positive reviews. If you are uncomfortable with a buyer, you always have a chance to pick one.

The good thing is that the whole process will take place on the site. Thus, there is no chance that a scammer will swindle you. Payment processing takes place on the site. All you have to do is ship the phone to them and you will get your money.

These sites usually come with a price lock in feature. This feature matters since most phones tend to lose value as soon as a new one is announced. With price lock-in of up to two weeks, you will get good value for your old phone before prices begin to tumble.

What Happens to Your Old Phone

The first thing the recyclers do is wipe it clean, making it impossible for anyone to ever view your private details. If it is in good condition, they can sell it abroad. In case, the phone is too damaged, they will strip it for parts and dispose of the others in a safe manner. This ensures that you reduce your impact on the environment.

Staff Writer; Peter Ford

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