Christian Faith & Religion: Common Sense Is God Is Whispering In Your Ear.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Christian Faith & Religion: Common Sense Is God Is Whispering In Your Ear.

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( I’m an independent thinker and far from a religious fanatic, but logic causes me to lean toward believing in a supreme force. I say, “Force” instead of “Being” because one of our biggest problems while trying to conceive of God is that we’re so arrogant that we assume God has to have the same characteristics as we do. So, for me, God is simply whatever force is responsible for existence and the creation of the universe.
Something had to cause the universe to come into existence, and whatever that something was, I call it God. Thus, God is whatever force, entity, or process that’s responsible for what we refer to as existence, regardless of whether God is a he, she, it, or the universe itself. That’s all we know, all we need to know – and any preacher who claims to know anything beyond that is lying.
But that said, I don’t believe for a minute that God sits around watching everything we do to try to decide whether to punish or reward us. That’s nonsense. The consequences of our behavior is what rewards or punishes us – if you do something stupid, like jump off a roof, you get a bad result, like a broken leg. So the mere thought that God is so preoccupied with man that he’s fixated on whether we believe in him or not is simply a reflection of man’s arrogance and exaggerated sense of self-importance. Why would God sit around throughout eternity jumping through hoops and doing magic tricks to try to get man to worship him? That’s ridiculous. We’re just not that important.  It would be the equivalent of our spending all of our time tap dancing in front of the toilet trying to earn the honor and respect of the germs under our toilet seat. Wouldn’t that be stupid? Of course it would, and I doubt very seriously that the creator of the universe is stupid. Being stupid is man’s job, and we’re not even that stupid.
So let’s take a moment and look at what man actually represents in terms of the universe in order to can get a little perspective. Our galaxy has over 200 billion stars, and the Sun is only one of them. It takes the Sun, along with Earth and it’s other 8 hitchhikers, traveling at 828,000 mph 230 million years to orbit around our galaxy just one time.  Yet, our solar system, with its 9 planets, is only a microscopic dust particle in our galaxy, and our galaxy itself, in terms of the universe, is nothing more than a microscopic dust particle in space.
To make sense of the distances we’re talking about here, on January 19, 2006 we launched the space probe, New Horizon, for the planet Pluto in our own solar system. It was the Fastest man-made object ever launched from Earth.  It sped through space at 36,400 mph. That’s 24 times faster than an AK 47 military rifle bullet. Yet it took New Horizon until July 14, 2015 (9 years, 6 months) to reach Pluto – and again, that’s just in our own solar system.
Thus, if Earth was your house in Los Angeles, Pluto would be a flea in San Diego, and Alpha Centauri, the closest neighboring star to the Sun, would be an elephant in China – and that’s just within our galaxy. There are over 200 billion stars, equally as far away from one another, in just our galaxy alone, and there are more galaxies in the universe than there are grains of sand on every beach, every desert, and every ocean floor on the planet Earth – and that’s just in the observable universe that’s still expanding in every direction at the speed of light. But even with the enormity of that, our entire universe could be merely a speck of dust under the toenail of some gigantic being. Yet, man thinks he can tell other men what’s on God’s mind!!!? That’s utterly ridiculous.
If you’re a Christian, do you believe that God sent Jesus to all the hundreds of trillions of worlds in the universe? Or maybe you believe that we’re so special that we’re the only speck of dust in the universe with life on it?  It might seem that way, but the only reason that we don’t see other beings is because even if they lived right next door to us (which they do), even traveling at the speed of light, it would take them 137 thousand years to get here, because the next closest star to the Sun, Alpha Centauri, is over 24 trillion miles away.  So, think about that – in order to just drop in for a cup of coffee they would have had to leave home 135 thousand years before Jesus was born, and they won’t get here for another 133 thousand years – and again, that’s just our closestneighbor!  
So, man is way too full of himself. God must be falling out laughing at our arrogance (if he even remembers who we are), because man is clearly on the mother of all ego trips. Whenever I’m unfortunate enough to even be in earshot of a preacher I have to laugh, because I view what most people call a sermon as a comedy routine. And I always ask myself, “Will you listen to this fool! I wonder does he actually believe this nonsense himself!!?” Even though many of his “flock” think God is fixated on us and worried about whether we believe in him or not, in terms of the universe, man is trillions of times less significant than a germ under a toilet seat in Uzbekistan – and the other side of  the religious coin is just as ridiculous. Anyone who claims that the universe just sprung up out of nowhere and says, “Prove that God exists” is just looking for an argument. So, the appropriate response to such people is quite simple. You simply say, “Look around you, fool!”, and then walk away.


The so-called realms of Heaven and Hell are also right out of Mother Goose. Both are simply concepts created by man to control other men, to get them to dig deeper into their pockets when they pass the collection plate. The entire concept just reeks of man’s tendency to threaten and/or bribe other men into subservience. In fact, the only reason we have religion at all is to justify our cruelty towards other men. Whenever we want to kill other men, we first seek approval from God through religion. In fact, I remember how the idea of a military chaplain struck me as strange when I was in the Marine Corps. Think about it – “Dear Lord, please help us to kill more of them than they do of us.” What!!!?  So, if God was indeed watching man and evaluating our worthiness, he would have hit the delete button long ago.
And finally, let’s take a look at what we refer to as “The Holy Bible”. That book is nothing more than a collection of the superstitious rantings of 3000-year-old dead men. They didn’t know any more about God than we do today. They were the Pat Robertsons of their time – and just as clueless. Just because a man was born 2000 years before you doesn’t mean he was either smarter than you, or knew any more about God (Common Sense 101). The fact is, in most cases he was dumber than you.
If a man passed out in the town square 2000 years ago, and then Jesus sprinkled water in his face and brought him around, many of the people back then would have thought that Jesus brought him back from the dead.  Or if Jesus was walking along the beach with the setting Sun reflecting on the wet sand, it would have looked to many like he was walking on water, and they would have wrote about it in what was to become “The Holy Bible” – and those are the kind of things many of you are getting all dressed up  every Sunday morning and paying a preacher to keep telling you about in his spoken-word concert. As hard as times are, you’re paying a man a tenth of your earnings to regale you with tales of pure ignorance.

Because the fact is, no book written by man can tell you anything about God, because no man has ever met God. We can only know God’s will by what he has done, and as I’m very fond of telling anyone who will listen, God made birds to fly, fish to swim, and man to think, not to believe in talkin’ snakes.  God anticipated our needs when he created us, and he gave us the intellect to answer our own prayers and to live the kind of life that would create Heaven right here on Earth if used properly. But if used improperly, we can also create our own Hell, which we seem to be doing as we speak.
So, God doesn’t require a Pat Robertson or T.D. Jakes to speak for him, nor do we need the Bible as a user’s guide to dictate how we should live our lives. Do fish need a swimming coach, or do birds need a compass and calendar to know when to fly South? No they don’t. They’re born with that knowledge, just as we were born with the common sense to survive in our environment. We just need to follow that common sense and stop paying preachers to tell us what God’s wants. Man is the only animal on Earth that fails to do so. God demonstrated his will when he gave each of us our very own brain, so we should use it. If you’d just listen to your common sense God would tell you in no uncertain terms that snakes don’t talk, and no matter how much you pay a preacher, he will not be able to stop you from dying, or get you into Heaven once you do.
That brings us to the concept of good and evil. It’s a very simple concept – good is having the intelligence to follow your common sense, and evil is failing to utilize that intelligence – or to be too ignorant to realize that if you shoot and kill somebody’s father or son, chances are, they’re gonna come back and kill you. It’s as simple as that. Thus, the key to living a good and happy life is to become an efficient and independent thinker with the intelligence to follow your common sense.
So, this entire article can be boiled down to one sentence – “Never give the Bible, preachers, potentates, or anyone else’s ability to think priority over your own, because common sense is God whispering in your ear.”

Staff Writer; Eric L. Wattree

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2 Responses to “Christian Faith & Religion: Common Sense Is God Is Whispering In Your Ear.”
  1. Ywonda O'le says:

    Thank you brother Wattree for a breath of fresh air.
    I’m so gladly they are finally realizing the truth.
    Everything from the “bible” was copied years ago,
    every moral, every vision, every story


  2. TruthPlus says:

    1) Jews has said a “virgin birth” wouldn’t occur, it would be on the fathers side, and he would usher ALL of us to worship the one true God.

    2) Jesus said “In my lifetime”.

    3) It’s insane to think 1.9 Billion Muslims, and dozens of African Spiritual Beliefs are wrong and its people will be judged harshly let alone go to hell. The Romans suffered from this in astronomy a la “Copernicus” (The universe revolves around the earth)

    Nothing proves Christianity is true anything more then what proves ANY other religion is true. The same “history”, the same “experiences”. etc.

    The African American Community will eventually be broadly diversified in 2050 as Islam, Atheism, and African Spiritual Beliefs are absolutely rising. Not a thing can be done to stop them either. If tried it will cause a further exodus.

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