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Monday, October 21, 2019

Bad Times Ahead For Donald Trump And The Nation.

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( There is an old joke about lawyers that goes like this: “How can you tell that a lawyer is lying?” Answer: “He is moving his lips!” Another joke goes, “Why do great white sharks not attack lawyers?” Answer: “Professional courtesy.”

While these jokes ring true in many respects – and indeed is why I founded Judicial Watch in 1994 and later Freedom Watch ( and have lived my professional life as the “anti-lawyer” in large part – this so-called humor applies not just to the hundreds of lawyers who occupy mostly worthless space in both chambers of Congress, but also the speaker of the House herself, one Nancy Pelosi.

This week, moving her rather rigid lips (she appears to have had more facelifts than even the late comedian Joan Rivers), this evil pol proclaimed falsely that she does not intend to push impeachment of the 45th president of the United States. Her reason? “He’s not worth it.”

In taking this low-class shot at the president, Pelosi seems to be borrowing a page from anti-Judeo-Christian and CAIR-connected Muslim Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, who this week also disparaged Trump, while complimenting fellow “half Muslim” former President Barack Hussein Obama, by calling The Donald less than human.

Clearly, given how things are lining up, with the president figuratively being “dragged to the guillotine” with the soon-to-be released report of Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the inquisitions in the House before the Judiciary Committee and Intelligence Committee, critical mass for Pelosi to “miraculously” justify and back impeachment is just around the corner. The trigger will be Mueller’s report, which, while perhaps not revealing evidence of alleged Russian collusion, will be loaded up with derogatory information about claimed obstruction of justice with regard to the firing of Mueller’s and, I might add, the current establishment Attorney General William Barr’s good buddy, former FBI Director James Comey.

For good measure, obstruction will also be claimed with regard to the alleged attempt by Trump to short circuit Mueller’s criminal investigation, which led to the indictment of Michael Flynn and a host of others, such as Michael Cohen, with whom pardons were allegedly discussed.

Whether any of this is true or not is not important for Pelosi and company. The threshold for impeachment is the commission of “high crimes and misdemeanors,” which is so low that it amounts to anything the rabid leftist and out-of-control Democrats in Pelosi’s House say it is. And, of course we know how this will turn out.

As I have said and written many times, President Trump has been backed into this corner by the placid non-action of his television lawyers, Rudy Guiliani and Jay Sekulow, frequently showcased with a number of repetitive guests on Sean Hannity’s nightly prime-time show on Fox News. Each night the likes of Sara Carter, Greg Garrett, formerly Sebastian Gorka (before he had the good sense to jump to truly conservative Sinclair Broadcasting) and other Hannity “favorites” spew the same hopeful Kool-Aid that justice is “just around the corner” for our president.

This propaganda boosts viewership, ratings and advertising dollars for FNC. Its gotten to the point that I can no longer stand watching and instead tune in MSNBC or CNN. At least there I am informed in “real time” about the latest criminally minded attempts of the left to remove our president. Then, at least Freedom Watch and I can then take legal actions to try to combat these efforts.

It’s time that all patriots gear up and face reality. Bad and hard times are ahead for our 45th president and the nation as a whole. Over the last nights, I have begun again to watch the now 10-year-old HBO miniseries “John Adams,” based on the Pulitzer Prize winning work of author David McCollough. I urge you also to do so, as it is instructive about how We the People must fearlessly stand up against tyranny and thus be prepared to risk all to preserve the God-inspired creation of our Founding Fathers.

In this regard, I also urge you to read anew our Declaration of Independence, signed on or about July 4, 1776, in the nation’s and my birthplace of Philadelphia. During the days leading up to this magnificent event, many prominent colonialists were also predicting that King George III would “straighten himself out” and that all would be well. But when it became apparent that all was not well, after the king took the colonies’ criminal justice system back to the Court of Saint James in England, seized our firearms, levied even higher taxes, stole American property and terrorized the populace, We the People had no choice but to rise up.

As in 1776, our collective fate again hangs in the balance, and the citizenry must now gear up to legally fight this coming battle for the survival of the republic.

Go to to enlist in our Justice League, donate to our cause and get ready to fight with me as if you are Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky Balboa, who also is, not coincidentally, from the birthplace of liberty, Philadelphia.

Written by Larry Klayman

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2 Responses to “Bad Times Ahead For Donald Trump And The Nation.”
  1. Pelvo White, Jr. says:

    President Trump has clearly indicated his preference for political ideologies similar to those of our seventh president Andrew Jackson. Past-president Jackson was a pragmatic believer in the power of the common man having come from poverty himself. Andrew Jackson also believed in states’ rights and chattel slavery. Those white supremacist who voted for Trump, are attempting to ride into federal and local power on Trump’s political coat-tails.Many of these Trump supporters are fighting hard to convince a large section of our populace that they are getting the “short end of the stick ” economically in an attempt at angering them to violence. This twenty-first century attack upon the provisions of our federal constitution and the unification of citizens of all colors in America is for both black and white intellects to fight. Ignorant white racist, although very violent, did not defeat the civil rights movement.
    Americans and our allies who have transcended racial hatred will have to show intelligence and courage in the face of the violent white supremacist. The battle is for the minds of the citizens. Our civil rights leaders must come to life because too little attention is being paid to the implied political and social meanings of voters who elected President Trump, and in the shifts in individual freedoms for African Americans under a Trump administration. There is a republican majority in congress that basically agrees with Trump’s existential political thoughts. People of color throughout the world must use their collective brain power to fight racial discrimination in the twenty-first century and beyond.
    Civil Rights leaders in America aren’t being proactive enough in the face of President Trump’s eminent, existential threat to the basic freedoms of African American citizens. The fruits of the combined efforts of M.L. King, Jr. and other civil rights leaders have been a more educated and enlightened African American who is capable of conceptualizing a better future for African Americans than what is being delivered. Today we see black experts on television offering their opinions on all kinds of subjects. The proofs of African American intellectualism are staring us in the face daily.
    President Trump is a pragmatist who believes in an unequal distribution of available goods and services based on merit. The African American merits continued appreciation as a first class citizen. There should be a stimulation of thought concerning African American survival. The minds of the academics are the first minds to stimulate and encourage to help conceptualize a new twenty-first century civil rights paradigm which includes the thoughts of those black citizens who have benefited most by the civil rights movement that began many years ago coupled with the widespread usage of sophisticated technologies and modes of communication. The African American modes of communication should be intellectually motivating for all Americans.
    Dr. King was a well-educated effective philosopher who practiced Socratic Method mingled with his theological orientations in an attempt at changing some of the thoughts of many American citizens when it came to the acceptance of the descendants of African chattel slaves as first class American citizens. Dr. King exhibited an extraordinary understanding of how to learn through the usage of western European conceptual pedagogy and he focused that learning on the racist factions of American citizenry. Dr. King was an expert orator using a form of the English language together with effective time honored meters and scansion to persuade the audience to see things his way. Overall, Doctor King was able to harness the energies of education, technology, and world theologies to bring the citizens of America closer together as a nation despite the continued resistance of many white supremacist. My heart goes out to the people of New Zealand. Fight for your own brand of freedom !!!

  2. Greg Anton says:

    Our nation is in trouble. Donald Trump has become a dictator and sadly, the GOP has swallowed Trump’s koolaid. Luckily, Trump has turned his party into an endangered species and the 2020 elections should cleanse most of the Republicans out of the White House and Congress. Getting rid of the stench they’ve left in Washington, May take longer, but our democracy will thrive once the GOP is voted out of office.

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