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Sunday, May 19, 2019

How To Avoid Unintentional Online Copyright Infringement.

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( With all the digital communication and interaction these days there are hundreds if not thousands of photos being constantly copied and reposted online. This is especially true when it comes to social media. Most people or even businesses do not recognize that they could be breaking the law. If these images are protected under certain copyright laws then it means that you have illegally stolen that photo and used it for your own personal gain. This doesn’t jump apply to photos either. It could apply to videos, quotes, or just about anything piece of media that is protected under copyright laws. So, with such a large amount of data, photos, and other media sources available how can one make sure that they aren’t stealing someone’s work?

Never Make Assumptions

Just because a piece of work exist freely on the Internet and it is there for the taking it does not mean that you should take it. Instead, taking a stricter approach will help you avoid such infringements. Never make the assumption that just because the work is there it isn’t protected under copyright laws. You have to take the time to either contact the owner of the work or do your research to make sure that such works aren’t protected.

Always Get Permission

If you stick to the advice above then you are probably assuming that you wouldn’t be able to use any valid work on the Internet. Well, that is not entirely the case. The first step in obtaining permission to use someone’s work is by finding out who the work belongs to. Find out who the picture, media, or song belongs to, contact them, and simply ask if you can use their work. It would also be advisable to draw up some kind of contract so that everything will be documented. Keep in mind that there might be a small fee for using such works, but it will protect you from copyright infringement.

Retain All The Licensing Agreements

When you obtain works online, you are going to be required to get license agreements. These agreements are kind of like contracts that show that you legally have the right to use the works. You want to make sure that you always take the time to review these agreements and keep copies in your records. You will need these agreements on hand at all times in the event that the author of the work or another individual tries to take you to court for infringement.

Speak With A Lawyer

If you are going to use anyone work that you got from the Internet it might be a good idea to discuss it with a trained lawyer. Copyright is a complex law that involves a lot of intricate ins and outs. Not completely understanding this law and how it applies to you could potentially land you in hot water. Even if you have already contacted the author and they have granted you access to the work it is still a good idea to speak with a trained professional.

Staff Writer; Paul Richards

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