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Friday, April 26, 2019

Black Conservatives Aren’t Sellouts, Yet Black Liberals Are Just Duped.

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( Contrary to what Don Lemon’s panelists might say, the political evolution of Kanye West is what happens to negroes when we begin reading real American history and stop relying on the revisionist history taught by Democrats on major college campuses for the last several decades. The truth is, the Republican Party played a pivotal role in securing the blessings of liberty for African Americans, both during Reconstruction and the Civil Rights era, but you’d never know that by watching most major news sources today.

If blacks are going to perpetually pledge their allegiance to the Democratic Party solely based upon the belief that the Democratic Party “cares” for them, then they should be aware of the facts. If you believe as I do that actions speak louder than words, you’d be hard pressed to believe democratic leadership cares for blacks based upon their policies. Whereas the GOP has a long history of illustrating their compassion for blacks through legislation. 

For instance, under the leadership of the first president from the Republican Party, Abraham Lincoln, the Emancipation Proclamation was signed into law to abolish slavery in the United States. However, there were still pockets of slavery that existed within the Union. Therefore, the Republicans introduced and passed the 13th Amendment that made it emphatically clear that neither slavery nor involuntary servitude would be allowed to exist within the United States or any place under its jurisdiction.

Subsequently, the Republican-led Congress passed the 14thAmendment granting freed slaves U.S. citizenship. Afterwards they passed the 15th Amendment, recognizing the right to vote for former slaves. In 1866 they passed the first Civil Rights Act to protect the rights of freed slaves. In 1871 they passed the Anti-KKK Act to abolish the Ku Klux Klan. By the way, all of the black Congressman elected during Reconstruction were Republicans. Did you learn about any of them in American history?

Fast forward to 1957, President Dwight D. Eisenhower created a Commission on Civil Rights, and in 1960 he sent Federal Inspectors to the Voter Registration polls. In 1964, Democratic president, Lyndon B. Johnson relied on the Republican vote in Congress to pass the Civil Rights Act of 1964, an anti-discrimination law. It took Republican President Richard Nixon to enforce Affirmative Action via the 1969 Philadelphia Plan, which was crafted by black Republican Art Fletcher. I wonder if Democrats would call him a sellout?

Furthermore, it was Republican President Ronald Reagan that made Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday a national holiday, and it was Republican President George W. Bush that appointed more blacks to high-level positions in the federal government than any of his predecessors. Not to mention, as recently as 2011, it was the Republican Congress that voted to fund the D.C. school voucher program, which enables poor minorities to attend the best private schools in the area, after President Obama and Harry Reid stripped the funding away to satisfy their union donors.

Is it any wonder the Democratic Party invented the “Big Switch” lie, that claims the Republican Party magically switched into the party of institutional racism under Richard Nixon’s so-called “Southern strategy,” when the truth is only two out of 150 Dixie-crats defected to the Republican Party?

To be clear, I’m not suggesting that blacks become a monolithic vote for the Republican Party as they’ve become for the Democratic Party. However, given the GOPs track record on civil rights, blacks have reason for pause before quickly dismissing Republicans and calling black conservatives or free-thinkers like Kanye West sellouts.

Another reason for blacks to reconsider their allegiance to the Democratic Party is due to their embrace of Marxism, which is an anti-God philosophy. The black community, by and large, are God fearing people. Karl Marx believed that “man is the highest being for man.” In other words, man is God. Many of the policies embraced by the modern Democrat Party put government above God, the rule of man before the rule of law, emotion before reason.

Consider how the “War on poverty” destroyed the black family by replacing dads in the home with government crack – a welfare check. In black America today, welfare is normative, intact families are not. You can’t even mention that a child is better off growing up in a traditional family home without being verbally attacked by leftists.

Ask yourself, is it more compassionate to intentionally keep people on welfare, or equip people with the tools that will allow them to become self-reliant so they can leave an inheritance to their children’s children? Kanye West isn’t a threat to black liberals, though they may be personally insulted by his new-found beliefs. He’s a threat to white Progressives like George Soros and Michael Bloomberg that understand that they must keep the masses dependent on government to gain and maintain power.

Republicans were instrumental in using the law to greatly diminish the effects of racism in America so that everyone, regardless of race, could reach their God-given potential. But, legislation alone can’t change a man’s heart. That part is up to God, and unfortunately the modern Democratic Party wants nothing to do with Him. As long as that’s the case, we can expect racism to be an unresolved issue in American politics for generations to come, and I’m convinced Democrats are OK with that.

Written by Carl Jackson

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2 Responses to “Black Conservatives Aren’t Sellouts, Yet Black Liberals Are Just Duped.”
  1. Howard Davy says:

    The article is written by a confused soul that doesn’t see White Supremacy for what it is.

    Several Independent groups tracks hundreds of militant camps, similar to the ones in Virgina in that disgusting “performance” –Republicans

    Lets forget disgusting bile that is repeated by Breighbart, Stormfront, and Fox News. –Republicans

    Neo-Nazi Groups? Future Terrorists? –Republicans

    Lets not forget many cops and policeman with right-wing ties that are openly rascist and promote the killing of black people (ON TAPE) –Republicans

    Or should we go to Voter Fraud intentionally targeting Black People…STATE AFTER STATE AFTER STATE. –Republicans



    The Republicans refuse to stop gay marriage or even crack down on Abortion/Planned Parenthood. Often times hypocrites to the latter and even the former in their “personal lives” and their constituents base. Until they do they are simply centralist-liberals.

    The welfare argument is played out brother. Shouldn’t it be the burden of proof for the “family” and NOT the state to get it together? This is profoundly stupid with all due respect. Its like blaming MONEY and the State of Nevada, but not blaming families of women and women themselves for prostitution. YOU WONT GET ANYWHERE WITH THAT LOGIC.

    As I go to religion I honestly think you’d blame the devil first and repent second, I really do.

    Don’t blame the government and shun ANY reason that points to YOU as ineffective. Otherwise this trend can and will expand to EVERYTHING.


    Also…. Blacks(Particularly New) are NOT a God-fearing people.

    Nobody in America truly is (altogether) and don’t forget “most people” will go to hell according to YOUR belief system.

    We cannot “forget” red state republicans either (all red states/whites)

    Religious ideology cannot solely be based on who accepts “the gays” or asking if you “believe in god”. There sure must be other factors that can replaced by generations (I’m sure not seeing them)

    Lets not forget the mostly OPENLY Black Liberal Atheism trend lately among millineals(22-37). (Simply type into your Youtube Search Bar.), Go to, FB:Pro-Black-Atheist….

    Black Hoteps are also creating a confusing trend of Conservative Pseudo-Atheism, seemingly breaking off “Conservative” from God, trashing Christianity and bizarrely proving atheism doesn’t need to be liberal at all.

    Islam is ruining Christianity…Black America is not big enough for both. In many cases both are either literally destroying each other via mind/merge confusion among converters(and their children). Atheism continues to take a huge advantage of this. (Or Christianity loses to Islam outright)

    Black America was simply never created to be a multi-faith nation.

    From what I’ve seen…I think Whites in America are actually MORE religious/christian. Its just the media never focuses the lights on THOSE WHITES. Think (Missouri/Montana-type states/places that I’ve said earlier and not New York or California.


    This is for Trevo Craw:

    You are a self-hating negro-coon who goes against all our freedom fighters verbiage and protestor signs for language semantics. You sound like a young damn fool son (and I’m sure I’m not the first to call you out on that)


  2. Trevo Craw says:

    And AA Trump supporters are the clueless Sellouts

    It amazes me how many of you are still brainwashed to call yourselves BLACK. Black is not an identity and scientifically black is not even a color. It is next to nothing. Black is the “color” of your car tires, not your skin. The white oppressive slave trader called you black and himself white to set up a contrast and to attach negative images and denotations to you based on a lie about color. Look up BLACK in the dictionary.

    Research even shows that blacks are perceived by other groups as very different from African Americans. But we still keep calling ourselves what someone else defined us as, what we are not and what has a negative dictionary denotation in society. WAKE UP. LOOK AT THE REAL COLOR OF YOUR SKIN. YOU ARE NOT BLACK. You are an African American. The lie of calling us black and defining us by color (the wrong color) has been in place so long that our people accept it as truth – but it’s not. Know your colors.

    Native Americans do not allow others to call them red men. Asians do not accept being called yellow men. Hispanics do not answer to “what’s up brown man”. And Caucasians are not white, notebook paper is white. Wake up and see the plan where white racist supremacists plotted to redefine our people from Africa. STOP CALLING YOURSELF SOMETHING THAT YOU ARE NOT!

    Black is the “color” of your car tires, not your skin author. Being called “black” is a lie and it should be offensive. Haitians, Jamaicans and even

    Africans do not accept being called “black”, Why do you think that is? They are identified by tribes, klans, geographic areas and their respective countries. By using the very term black to describe us, we are doing the following:
    1. Using a term white oppressors and slave masters gave us.
    2. Letting someone else define us other than our own people.
    3. Calling ourselves something we are not.
    4. Buying into thee lie and the negative denotation. Check the dictionary.
    5. Being set apart in a way that no other ethnic group allows. Native Americans are not called Red Man. Asians are not called Yellow Man. Hispanics are not called Brown Man. They do not and will not accept being defined by color and by some other race or ethnic group at that.
    6. Ignoring our actual color (brown) which means brainwashing has worked. Any time someone can get an entire race, ethnic group or culture to ignore what they are and call themselves what they factually are not, THEY HAVE BEEN INDOCTRINATED, ASSIMILATED AND BRAINWASHED.
    7. Playing right into the oppressor’s profiles and stereotypes. Did you know studies show there is a different perception of black people than there is of African Americans? Words create perceptions and perceptions create actions towards us.

    WAKE UP. You know your colors. And even though others around the world equated our ancestors with the color of the soil in Africa or the meaning of negro/negroid, that does not change the fact that WE ARE BROWN – NOT BLACK.
    Facts are facts and YOU ARE BROWN, NOT BLACK. When you receive the revelation of why they keep calling African Americans “black” and Caucasian people “white”, you may just wake up!

    STOP LETTING OTHER GROUPS DEFINE YOU WITH AN OBVIOUS LIE that we have heard and accepted so much that we believe it’s true and forget our colors. The de-programming has to take root or African Americans will forever be defined, limited and oppressed by those who get us to accept a lie.

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