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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Xbox Game Pass or PlayStation Now: Are You Paying More For Less?

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( Microsoft Xbox Game Pass and Sony PlayStation Now subscription services are the new Netflix of games. Both the companies allow subscribers to play hundreds of games by paying fixed monthly charges. Their subscription models are almost the same, but there are some major differences that make each of them unique in many ways. If you’re wondering which one is better in terms of price, value, content, and platform support, Xbox Game Pass or PlayStation Now, here is the answer.

If your first priority is cheap deals, make sure checking the official pages of these two service providers because they both offer discounts on their services. If that’s not the case, you can buy Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass for $10 per month. Sony offers its PlayStation Now services for $20 per month and three months’ subscription at a discount price of $45. The three-month subscription offers better value for your price as you get $15 discount. Both the companies offer a trial so you can try PlayStation Now for 7 days and Xbox Game Pass for 14 days for free.

When it comes to content, the companies go into Xbox vs PS4 battle once again. With the Xbox Game Pass, you get to play over 100 games and with Sony’s PS Now, you can access 650 plus games. From the content point of view, Sony again beats Microsoft, but most of the games you get in the PS Now subscription are previous generation titles that belong to PlayStation 3. As of September 2018, the number of PS4 games in the PlayStation Now library is over 200. There are more than 120 PS4, PS3, and PS2 exclusive games available on PS Now. The Xbox Game Pass lets players enjoy exclusive Xbox One games and backwards compatible Xbox 360 titles.

PlayStation Now was originally introduced as a way to stream old games and the service sticks to its bottom line. On the other hand, Xbox Game Pass allows players to download games on their console and play just like the other games you digitally purchase. This is a huge advantage you get with the Xbox Game Pass. Sony only allows you to stream games and unless you have a “perfect” internet connection, you can’t play games with peace of mind. If you compare both, playing the games stored on your console’s hard drive are actually better than the games you can only play when your internet connection is up and running flawlessly.

As far as the platforms are concerned, Sony is a clear winner here. While the games you get from the Xbox Game Pass are limited to the Xbox One, with Sony’s PlayStation Now, you can access the games on PS4 and PC. This is a huge difference because even if you don’t own a console for gaming, with Sony’s PS Now, you can enjoy all the games on your laptop. You can even play the exclusive PS4 titles like Uncharted 4 on your PC. Players on the Xbox One and PC are already enjoying the benefits of Microsoft’s Play Anywhere initiative, but for the Xbox Game Pass subscribers, the games are currently available only on the console. It remains to be seen how long Microsoft takes to allow PC players to subscribe for Game Pass.

Again if you are asking the same question – Xbox Game Pass or PlayStation Now? You should know that both the subscription models have advantages and disadvantages. From the budget point of view, Microsoft is offering new content for $10 per month. If you’re someone who loves PS3 games but you don’t own the console, PS Now lets you play those old games and gives you access to a five times bigger library of games for $20 per month.

If you’re on PC, you only have one choice and that’s PS Now, but if you own both the consoles, choosing PlayStation Now makes more sense if Sony adds more PS4 titles to its library.

Staff Writer; Jay Baker

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One Response to “Xbox Game Pass or PlayStation Now: Are You Paying More For Less?”
  1. Damag3d says:

    Poor article. Let’s start:
    1. Discounts are mentioned for PS Now, but not for Game Pass
    2. First you can play Xbox Play Anywhere games – these are 1st party exclusives, on PC as well. Moreover you can stream games to PC as well.
    3. Old games is a filler for game count. But actually you play about 10-15 games per year. Moreover finding suitable game in huge library is difficult and I actually prefer limited rotating library of games.
    4. You want to play an exclusive and see if you like it. Game Pass allows that. On Xbox on PC. Then if you like it – you can buy it with discount and end the subscription.
    5. If you plan to own at least 2 exclusives per year, no matter Xbox or PC then Game Pass is the way to go.

    I do not see the reason to buy PS4 and additionally pay 20$ per month to play PS3 games that you already own – that is basically conclusion of the article. Really?

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