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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

The Bitcoin Trader Reviews: Best marketing strategies in the cryptocurrency business.

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( Just like in any other business, marketing is also an important factor when it comes to the crypto market. Well, as you might have noticed, online marketing plays a major role in the development of most of these online businesses. This might be probably why several ICO marketing companies are joining the market.

Since the number of investors in the crypto market continues to grow, this implies that the market is getting crowded with each passing day. So how do you get to reach the top in such a crowded and competitive place?

Well, all you need is to create or come up with a very effective and unique marketing strategy for cryptocurrency. If you don’t have any ideas where to start, below are some strategies you might consider starting with.

  • Web design

Internet has become a huge sensation these days and almost everything can be found on it. This has seen many businesses become successful just by utilizing the platforms it provides when it comes to marketing.

Anyway, to reach a wide target, you must be willing to share some information about what you are dealing in and I don’t think there is any better way than using the internet. This means, you first need to create a website even before launching your product i.e. the Bitcoin Trader with its website.

Creating a website helps you to come up with some online platform where your investors will be getting more information from. This will also give you an opportunity to try and convince them on whybusinethey need to invest in the currency, the future potential it has and the benefits it comes with. Honestly, you don’t expect people to start investing in your business without providing them with any sufficient information, right?

  • Direct messaging

If you are looking for another effective way to market your crypto business, try direct messaging. Wait, how many of you usually read all the marketing emails? I guess none. I doubt even if you get to finish reading the one you accidentally opened.

This shows that a lot of people will always ignore the marketing emails you spent so much time working on and this is not good for business. The best way to go about this, is you should rather collect the phone contacts of your targeted users then send your marketing messages to them directly.

A certain research has shown that people are more likely to read text messages and most of the times you will be receiving great feedbacks from those who will be interested. You can always have a software do this for you or simply hire a company that deals with SMS marketing.

  • Social media

Having an effective social media technique for your marketing can really help you to come up with an engaged audience on your crypto market. Big question however is, how do you get to achieve this? Well, pretty simple.

You can just start by creating a few Facebook pages about your cryptocurrency. The same can also be done on other platforms like the Google plus and many other social networking platforms.

You can then start encouraging and convincing people to join these pages in order to stay updated on any new developments about your business. If you are having some difficulties on doing this, you can always find a professional team that deals with social media marketing to help you out.

  • Press releases

Mostly known as the PR, it is another great marketing technique that can see your crypto business become successful. You can find a popular PR services and use them to let people know about your cryptocurrency business.

There are a lot of PR websites online and some are even dedicated to the cryptocurrency thus they can allow you to publish your news or updates about your coins.

This is always considered to be one of the best techniques since they always have a large number of followers or readers who are constantly looking to find information about the new crypto coins available. You can use the PR services to come up with a great network of both the investors and any interested users.

  • The Bitcoin communities.

You can also let people know about your new coin venture by using the bitcoin communities. Apart from the official bitcoin community, you can also find a lot of different other communities where you can market your coin.

The very first step to achieving this is simply to find and join other websites that are relevant to the bitcoin community. You know you also can’t just join a community and immediately start talking about your interests, right? Yes.

For you to build trust with these people, you also need to be active and participate in some ongoing discussions too, then you can start talking about your coin. This way, you will get to talk to these people directly and get to answer any questions they might be having.

  • Paid promotions.

If you are starting a business, it doesn’t mean that you also get to do the marketing yourself. Especially when it comes to online marketing and you don’t know much about it. Well, there is always an alternative.

You can always hire a team that offers paid marketing services provided by companies like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google among other platforms. This is the kind of marketing that involves just the displaying of your coin’s banners, videos and advertisements on well-established websites.

This will help you to draw some traffic hence reaching a large number of people. You can reach out for some help from some of the best online marketing companies and let them get you started on your crypto marketing campaign.

  • Share on Reddit

As said before, do not overlook the importance of some of these online platforms provided on the internet. Well, Reddit is one of them. It is basically just a website where people get to share content and any social news with the users.

These usually include, images, links or texts. You can also join the platform and start updating news and sharing posts about your coin on some particular communities known as subreddits.

But just before you do that, like we said with the bitcoin communities, you will need to build some trust with the users. When this is done, you may even go ahead and create a subreddit of your own and starting talking about your cryptocurrency.

  • Display campaigns

This is one among the many forms of the paid advertising technique that we talked about earlier. This is where you get to advertise your services or products on other well-known sites that are relevant to your business.

Just as the name suggests, you need to display something and this is usually done through display items including videos, flash, text, audio and images. I believe you have noticed how a lot of startups in the crypto market like to use this method, right? Maybe it is because it’s effective.


Every business always allocates a few resources for marketing purposes. But in the end, only a few become successful. Why do you think this happens? Well, I believe the difference lies between the marketing techniques used. This is why we decided to discuss about effective strategies only. Try them out and wait for the magic. Click here to learn more on crypto currency marketing strategies.

Staff Writer; Craig Parker

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