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How Oppo Find X Is Teaching Apple How To Kill the Smartphone Notch.

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( No matter how much you love your iPhone X, the Oppo Find X looks better, especially with its 6.4-inch screen. The Find X features several new tricks, fresh design ideas, and impressive hardware. It runs on Qualcomm’s latest mobile processor Snapdragon 845 which is available on almost all the Android flagship phones launched in 2018. The Oppo Find X has 8GB of RAM and it offers up to 256GB of storage. Everything looks perfect and what makes this phone more special is its screen and design.

The Display

In 2018, many companies tried to cram as much screen as possible into smartphones. Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, and Oppo are no exceptions. Apple tried to achieve more screen-to-body ratio for the iPhone X but couldn’t deliver a true all-screen phone. Some area on the screen is needed to put a front-facing camera and speaker. Some smartphone companies tried to achieve all-screen display by putting the camera at the bottom, but Oppo found a new way to do it.

Oppo claims that its Find X smartphone sports 93.8 percent screen-to-body ratio. The company found a new way to utilize the whole screen of the device and added sliding camera setup. The phone’s design is very space-efficient and you can comfortably hold it in one hand. The most interesting thing in the Oppo Find X is its camera setup. It enables you to utilize the full 6.4-inch display without notch.

The Camera

On Oppo Find X, the camera system remains hidden when you are not using the camera app or when the phone is off. When the phone is on, you can use the camera normally from the camera app like how you do on any other smartphone. When you open the camera app, the motorized camera setup appears as the entire top section of the Oppo Find X reveals front and rear cameras.

The Oppo Find X features a 25MP front camera. The company has also made sure adding security features here. The phone features a 3D face-recognition system and uses 15000 facial dot recognition analysis. According to the company, the 3D face recognition system on the phone is 20 times safer than fingerprint recognition method. Oppo also claims that the Find X is the first smartphone to feature 3D structured light technology.

On the back side of the phone, Oppo has added a 16MP + 20MP dual camera setup. Both the front and rear cameras are on the same motorized slider. So, when you close the camera app, the camera assembly goes back inside the phone’s outer shell. If you’re thinking that this motorized system takes a lot of time and you’ll miss capturing the actual scene before the camera gets ready, you’re wrong. The camera setup only needs 0.5 seconds to be ready. It means that you won’t miss anything. The best thing about the slider is that it is tested for durability and Oppo claims that the slider will survive even after using it 300,000 times.

This combination of a new camera system and curved screen design enables Oppo to offer full-screen display without cutting a notch. Apple and many other smartphone makers didn’t use this technique and had to cut a notch into the screen to make room for the front-facing camera.

Aside from a new design idea, the Oppo Find X features everything you’d expect from a smartphone in 2018. It is powered by a 3,730mAh battery and runs Android Oreo 8.1 with the company’s customized ColorOS. The customized software is not a very good product when it comes to performance. The software is one of the reasons that turn out to be a deal breaker when it comes to choosing Oppo phones.

The new camera assembly looks good and it serves the purpose. But do you expect the same happening in the future? It’s certainly a beautiful design, but it also wants you to be extra careful about handling the phone. Most importantly, when we are expecting to see truly waterproof smartphones, this design works just opposite to that idea.

Staff Writer; Corey Shaw

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