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Your Mean Toddler is Not Cute.

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( We seem to have a serious problem as parents discerning what is cute verses what behaviors need to be corrected in our young children. It is not okay to fix your mouth to talk about rude disrespectful adults when you have a toddler at home that you allow to behave in an un-mannerable way under the protection of “they just babies”. Children grow up to become the adults you despised when they are not properly taught while young. Its time to sit back and evaluate ourselves and why we allow toddlers to behave in manners that would be unacceptable if they were older.

Believe me I know children are the most precious little people on earth. They can bring a smile to your face and warm your heart when you feel life has threatened your sanity. Some adults feel that their children are truly the only people in the world that love them unconditionally. While that may be true you owe it to your child to set them on the path to becoming productive citizens. Excusing tantrums, hitting, bad language and defiance towards authority has to be handled while your baby is a baby. Parents should be a child’s first, and strongest advocate, in every endeavor. They should understand they don’t have to hit anyone nor fight grown-ups because they have you. Just as many of us will demand that our child bring home good marks in school, we must demand the same compliance regarding their behavior.

Excellence is hard to achieve when parents laugh at negative behavior. When your 2-yr old decides to have a fit in the floor because you told them now it’s not funny it’s a teaching moment. When your child decides to tell you what they will and will not do as if they are grown its not a pull out your cellphone, record, and post it to social media about how grown your baby act. You are not your toddlers friend…you are their parent. Forgetting that fact can create behavior problems later at home and in school. In that parental frame of mind, you wouldn’t want to expose you child to everything that is not age appropriate.

There are certain movies and shows your toddler shouldn’t watch, and music they shouldn’t hear. You have conversations they ought not be privy to as its too mature for them. Back in the day some of us couldn’t be in the room during “grow folks conversation”. We were not allowed to sit at the grown-up table. It was a clear understanding that we were not the elders and had to stay in a child’s place. This might seem like ancient parenting but ask yourself what your child is being exposed to…then look at their behavior.

You talk about out of control teenagers, and these young artists that make us wonder about their upbringing…its so easy to look at others and cast judgement not realizing you might be on the road to the same destination. Having a toddler that is rude, mean and disrespectful is not cute. Put down whatever is occupying your attention and focus on the baby you love so much. They won’t like you setting order and discipline in their life and very well may cry about such. However, you need to ask yourself, as the parent, would you rather them cry now because they are learning…or would you prefer everyone yourself included to be crying tears of detriment later?

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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