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( People find every week since Trump has been President that he keeps doing things and saying things that are racist, foolish, discriminatory and downright ignorant. His actions violate the Constitution that he took an oath to protect and he lies at every turn. Recently he even said openly to t eh public that in 6 months, if he was wrong, he would not admit it but simply come up with an excuse. And ironically his dumb, brainwashed and rear-kissing supporters are gulping down the Kool-Aid by the gallon.

Trump knows exactly what he is doing. He is neither stupid nor crazy. But he is playing a dangerous game. Now he is having children kept in cages and separating families with the policy launched by his Attorney General in April 2018. But i am about to blow the lid off the Trump strategy so check this out.

Here are the Real Facts, not Trump alternative facts better known as lies.

1. 40% of the immigration problem is people coming on planes legally and overstaying their VISAs.

2. The vast majority of Hispanic illegal immigrants are not criminals like Trump paints them to be. He has neither proof nor documentation nor data to show they are. He just says it and his zombies believe him.

3. The Trump policy is racist because it does not crack down on illegal immigration by Canadians nor Europeans. Only Hispanics he considers to be infestations. Not even people from Spain or Portugal or Columbia. The actions of his administration are not based on facts and real data. And his booty-kissing Attorney General (Jeff Sessions) was just thrown under the bus by Trump a short while ago. But Sessions is sliding back into Trump’s good graces by persecuting people in a way that makes Trump happy.

4. In April of 2018 the Attorney General launched this policy of separating families for the MISDEMEANOR of first time illegal border crossings.

5. The Interim Director of ICE makes the argument that they are following the law. That is the same argument made by the Nazi soldiers as they forced the Jewish people into ovens. When asked on CNN if it was humane, he would not directly say it was or was not.

6. Republicans are against this.

7. The last 5 first ladies are against this and have spoken out, including Trump’s own wife who is an immigrant and who he treats like a nanny mail order bride brought here to give him a child.

8. Trump lies when he says Mexico is sending the people here. Their govt is not.

Trump said Mexico would pay for the wall them had Republicans add the initial wall expenses into the budget where taxpayers pay for it.

9. Donald Trump is the biggest liar and con man President this country has ever had. He says he is defending the country but our country is not under attack by people seeking asylum nor largely from people coming here illegally. The numbers are actually down.

10. Trump businesses have hired illegal immigrant workers at his golf club in Florida and to build his Trump tower in the past. He didn’t think they were all gang members and rapists and murderers then.

11. Overwhelmingly the crimes committed in this country are committed by American citizens, not Hispanic people coming here illegally.

12. Keep it up Trump. Trump’s actions are going to hand leadership of the Congress right back to the Democrats and then they will launch impeachment proceedings. The Republicans know this which is why many of them do not support the Trump policy to separate children and lock them in cages.

13. When Hitler came to power he did just what Trump is doing. He challeged the other areas of government (finally disbanding them). He got the people (Aryans) to belittle the Jews and not to even see them as people. He blamed the problems off the German society on a specific group until hatred developed for that group – just like Trump is doing with Muslims, African Americans and esp Hispanics. Hitler put them in cages and concentration camps and called them a threat even though there was no evidence they were. Again what Trump is doing. Ironic that Trump’s grandfather was a German and Trump’s father was a racist. Then Trump’s businesses were suit twice by the Justice Department for discriminating against African Americans at his properties.

14. Trump’s administration recently withdrew from the United Nations Human Rights Council, TPP, the Iran agreement (even though it was confirmed they were compliant) and hit both our allies and China with a tariff trade war that will cause the loss of American jobs. He is making it America Only. Instead of fixing these groups from the inside and using U.S. clout to do so, the Trump administration packs up and leaves.

15. Trump has no loyalty to anything, not to our Constitution. Not tour our allies. Not to the unification of our country in race relations. His actions are part of a bigger plan. Believe that.

I have studied enough psychology and sociology to identify Trump’s game plan. Donald Trump’s game plan is this. Lie then deny then deflect by blaming the media, Hillary, Obama or the Democrats then distract by making outrageous moves and statements in one set of areas so people will not pay attention to what is going on in other areas. It’s sleight of hand, misdirection and simple bait and switch just like a magician every single time. And the Trump Zombies fall for it every time. Wake up people.

STOP SWALLOWING THIS CON MAN’S LIES AND CHECK THE FACTS post this article to every conservative website you can find. Or use it to cut and paste into comment areas at the end of online articles. But don’t expect to wake the Trump Zombies up. A Trump supporter is one thing but a Trump ZOMBIE agrees with whatever he does and defends it. Yet if he did the exact opposite the next day, a Trump ZOMBIE would flip and defend that too.

So keep it coming President for a season Trump and you will walk yourself right into an impeachment, disgrace and maybe even prosecution. Keep it coming.

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw