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Top Rules For Designing A Business Card.

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( You may think that creating a good business card means simply listing your name, phone number, and e-mail address on a small card that can fit into most wallets.

Sure, that’s the most direct way to go about it, but if you really want to make your business card stand out there are certain rules and guidelines that you will want to follow.

And remember, even if you’re not a professional designer yourself, you can still very easily have your business card designed by a professional graphic design team such as the ones from Vistaprint. There are also a number of Vistaprint deals that you can go with to ensure that you have quality business cards created at a fair price.

Here are the top rules you should follow when designing a business card:

Keep It Simple

The most effective way to keep your business card simple will be to only include the most necessary business information.

Many business cards have very busy designs that consist of far too much information to take in at once (name, business name, phone, website URL, email address, list of products and services, mini-bio, etc.)

Having too much information like this only causes people to lose attention, so instead keep things simple and you’ll be safe.

Have The Card Professionally Printed

Regardless of whether you design the card yourself or have others do it, you will still want to have it professionally printed at the very least. Vistaprint is well-known for their printing business services and you can a cheaper price as well by checking out the various Vistaprint promo codes there are available online.

Keep Everything Legible

Not only do you want your cards to be simpler, you also want to make sure that everything is legible. Now is not the time to experiment with unusual or unique fonts. You’ll want the font to be neither too big nor too small, and it can’t be distorted or overly ‘fancy’ in any way. In short, it simply can’t too difficult to read.

Include Your Logo

If your business has a logo (and it absolutely should because logos are how everyday people will identify your business) then you will absolutely want to have it featured on your card.

Consider A Call To Action

Last but not least, you should consider including a short call to action at the bottom of your business card as well. Any call to action should work as long as it is short and concise, such as offering the recipient a special discount if they choose to buy a product or service from your business.

Designing A Business Card

Business cards are definitely something that you will want to have on hand when networking in-person as they are the most effective way of delivering basic information about yourself and your business to others. When having your business card designed, just be sure to follow the above rules so it’s as efficient and effective as possible.

Staff Writer; Kelvin Poole

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