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Smartphone Buying Tips: How to Buy a New Phone In 2018.

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( What to look for in a smartphone today? These smartphones buying tips can help you find the best phone. For almost 90 percent of buyers, the phone-buying journey begins with a budget in mind. It’s easy to decide whether you want to go for a carrier plan or need an unlocked device. But apart from all this, you should consider some more important aspects when buying the best smartphone in 2018. Here’s what you should look for.

  1. Brand Reputation

Just because a phone comes loaded with the latest hardware and fancy features, it doesn’t mean that it’s safe to use. If a mobile phone doesn’t belong to a reputed brand, you should avoid it even if it’s a cheap deal. Even smartphone brands like Oppo and Huawei have experienced security and privacy issues.

The Chinese company Oppo sells smartphones under OnePlus and Vivo brands. Some smartphone companies have been caught sharing customers’ private data. Especially some Chinese brands use backdoor methods and shady software applications. Keep these smartphones buying tips in mind, especially if you think of choosing a brand that sells affordable phones.

  1. Display resolution

Consider a big-screen phone if you will spend many hours looking at your smartphone’s screen. But more importantly, you should focus on the display resolution it offers. People usually check the screen size and buy a mobile phone just because it looks perfect to them. But only a few consider checking the display resolution they are getting.

If you’re buying a phone with a display above 5-inch, consider a higher resolution (around 2560 x 1440 pixels). If that’s not possible in your budget, make sure the resolution is not below 1920 x 1080 pixels. Why display resolution is important because higher resolution and sharp pictures help you see detailed graphics. Such phones work well in sunlight and outdoors.

  1. Choose the right operating system

The Android vs iOS debate is never-ending. So, better focus on your specific needs. Both Android and iOS offer many features. They provide support for thousands of third-party apps as well. If you are buying a smartphone for the first time, you should know that Android and iOS have their different versions available. These different versions bring different features.

Every year, both Google and Apple release a new version of their operating system. On iOS, you get these updates on all the devices available on sale. On the Android side, a large number of smartphone users don’t know when they will get the latest version of Android. Even the leading smartphone manufacturers sometimes fail to clarify if a phone’s software is upgradable or not. This problem is common in low and mid-range Android phones.

  1. Performance

Remember that RAM and processor determine how powerful a phone’s performance would be. But you should also note that other factors such as system software and customization from the manufacturer’s side play a major role in a device’s performance. If the software is not optimized well, your phone’s performance will be reduced no matter how powerful the hardware components are.

In the current scenario, you should consider buying a phone that comes with at least 2GB of RAM. Most of the applications, games and system software run flawlessly on 2GB RAM. With that said, also make sure choosing the right processor. A large number of Android phones run on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors. Phones that come equipped with latest processors cost more. Apple phones run on Apple’s own chips and without a doubt, the performance of all iPhones is very smooth.

  1. Battery

Don’t rely on numbers here because many people make this mistake when buying a mobile phone. Your mobile phone’s screen size, processor generation, Wi-Fi and GPS usage determine how long your phone’s battery will last. If you are someone who always keeps Wi-Fi, GPS or Bluetooth on, choose a phone with bigger battery. New processors are designed in a way that they become more energy efficient. Pay attention to which generation processor you are choosing.

Other considerations

When choosing a smartphone you should know what your needs are. Follow these smartphones buying tips. Don’t buy a phone just because everyone is talking about it. Focus on your needs. Think what you want from a phone other than calling and messaging features. Do you want to buy a camera phone? Don’t just look at the megapixel count, focus on aperture, lens quality, and camera software. Those who are looking for durable phones, buying smartphones that come in glass body is a waste. If you can’t resist, buy a screen protector along with your phone. Apart from these smartphone buying tips mentioned above, you should also be careful when choosing refurbished smartphones.

Staff Writer; Corey Shaw

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