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3 Crucial Tips for Marketing a “Boring” or Complicated Product to Your Audience.

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( Ever see the sort of sleek, sexy marketing campaigns from the likes of Apple or Tesla and think “I wish I could do that?”

You’re not alone.

The reality, though? Not all of us have the benefit of selling some flashy, eye-popping product.

After all, people need “ordinary” items like toothpaste or carpet cleaner more than they need a new computer or supercar.

Likewise, people also need things like insurance which is inherently complicated and requires some explaining to truly “sell.”

Sometimes it’s key to accept the fact that you’re selling something that isn’t going to get people hopping out of their seats. Doing so can help you craft marketing campaigns that make whatever you’re selling more appealing to customers alike.

Just because you’re not selling the next big software solution or epic apparel doesn’t mean your marketing needs to be lackluster, though. Consider the following three tips to make your product seem extraordinary regardless of what you might be selling.

When in Doubt, Make It Visual

Nobody wants to read a wall of text regarding any product, “boring” or otherwise. Providing some sort of visual representation of your product or its positive results is a huge plus. Either through video or infographics, you can give potential customers something to look at beyond lifeless product photos.

This is especially important if you’re selling something complicated or with many moving pieces.

Idea Rocket Animation notes that “companies are coming to market with complex products and propositions that are a challenge to explain.” The easier you can break down what you do without going into a huge monologue, the more likely you are to hook potential customers.

Hire a Copywriter to Get Your Story Straight

Many business owners fall into a trap of thinking that because they know their product the best, they’re therefore the best pick to explain it to the masses.

Not by a long shot.

Sometimes you need a sort of outside third party to look at your product objectively and explore the in’s and out’s of your market. Skilled copywriters can help craft the story of what your business does without any sort of jargon, making it easy for people of all walks of life to understand.

If you haven’t looked into hiring a high-quality copywriter, think of how doing so could help you write better site copy, blog posts and video scripts to tell that ever-so-important story.

Seriously: Show Your Enthusiasm

Perhaps one of the most important but overlooked points about effectively marketing any product is being legitimately excited about what you do.

Because when you’re phoning it in, people can tell.

And if you think that excitement is hard to come by, think again. The likes of Scotch Tape and Merriam Webster have proven that “boring” brands on social media can still shine by both showing off their personalities and solving big-picture problems for their customers.

So ask yourself: are you showing the human side of what you’re selling? What awesome things is your company doing within your industry? When you tap into content and talking points that people actually care about, customers will take notice accordingly.

Don’t assume that you’re sunk just because your product doesn’t seem too thrilling on the perfect. Instead, rethink how you can generate buzz and grab people’s attention through smart marketing that totally downplays your product’s boring or complicated nature.

Staff Writer; Roy Short

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