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The 7 Most Ridiculous iPhone Clones.

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( Here’s a list of 7 worst and most ridiculous iPhone clones we have ever seen. It seems that the fight between patent lawyers and counterfeit clone makers will never come to an end. In the 21st century, even big companies have started copying each other’s design ideas. If you have never been to Mobile World Congress before, visit once and you’ll see how shamelessly clones of leading smartphones are promoted and advertised there.

Leagoo S9

So when you can’t think of a name for a smartphone, don’t just copy the design, copy the name as well. Leagoo S9 and S9 Plus shamelessly copied the iPhone X design and it also copied the name of Samsung’s latest flagship. The phone sports an edge-to-edge display and runs on a 1.5 GHz LTE octa-core processor coupled with 4GB of RAM. The phone is obviously designed for people who love the iPhone X but can’t afford a $1000 phone. As expected, the phone runs on a custom version of Android Oreo.


On the list of iPhone X clones, there’s one more phone called iLa X. It’s one damn ugly phone that sports a notch with a lot of dead space around it. Have a look at this mobile phone’s display and you’ll realize why it deserves mockery. The iLa X has copied the new iPhone’s dual camera set-up and it also has a similar frame.

iPhone 8 – The made in China clone

The iPhone 8 clones were on sale in China months before Apple launched the device officially in 2017. Even the Red iPhone 8 clone was available months before the original product’s official launch. A Chinese version of the iPhone 8, which was also shown by many YouTubers, looks the same until the moment you open its packaging.

The Chinese company that made the phone has even copied the package design, fonts, and colors. But the difference is clearly visible once you open the package. The bezel around the display is too big and ugly. The overall size of the device is also very different than the original phone. So if you’re thinking of buying an iPhone 8 clone just to impress people, don’t do it unless you want to be embarrassed.

The Notch

Boway is a company in Hangzhou province of China and it makes printers, binding machines, and other products. For the first time, the company is stepping into the world of smartphone manufacturing with “The Notch,” an iPhone X clone. To promote the phone in the local market, the company is taking help of two Chinese celebrities.

The iPhone X has sensors for FaceID and that’s one of the reasons the company didn’t ditch the notch. But on the Boway Notch phone, this isn’t the case as the phone features a fingerprint sensor and probably won’t come with face unlock feature.


When it comes to releasing ridiculous iPhone clones and counterfeit clones of other high-end phones such as Samsung Galaxy S series handsets, the Chinese company Goophone deserves to be on the list. From the Goophone X to the Goophone S7, this company doesn’t stop bringing cheap clones that look beautiful in pictures. Just the performance is terrible.

Sophone i6

Whenever big companies like Apple, Samsung, and Huawei launch new handsets, within a few days the design and features of their smartphones get cloned. Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus made headlines for many reasons and then arrived the Android-powered Sophone i6. It is one of the worst iPhone clones with iOS-inspired skin. Its hardware looks impressive on paper, but the phone is full of bugs and it is slow.

Owwo X

Are they tricking people into believing that it’s Oppo written on the box? If so, then we don’t know what’ the “X” is doing there if that’s the case. Probably this Chinese company can’t think of anything new. On their mission to copy the iPhone X, they didn’t even bother to use a different image, so they used the iPhone X’s default wallpaper.

The most confusing thing about this iPhone X clone is that there’s so much difference in the way company is promoting the phone and what people are actually getting. The phone is said to features a 5.7-inch full HD display but on the TENAA listing, it includes a 5.5HD+ screen. There is a huge difference in the processing power shown on promotional material and what TENAA listing says.

In the future also we will be bombarded with such ridiculous iPhone clones, but it’s surprising that even bigger brands have started copying each other without acknowledging the help of others or appreciating competitors for innovative ideas.

Staff Writer; Corey Shaw

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  1. David Moore says:

    This got me LOL… Amaze how even in 2018, companies still trying to copy Apple… Steve Jobs truly was/is a genius.

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