NES Classic & SNES Classic Are Back But They Won’t Last Long.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

NES Classic & SNES Classic Are Back But They Won’t Last Long.

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( It’s time to pick up NES Classic controller as Nintendo is set to bring the NES Classic and SNES Classic systems to stores. Nintendo of America on Twitter announced that the NES Classic will be available from June 29 and SNES Classic will also be available through the end of the year.

The NES Classic comes with a controller and 30 pre-installed games. The controller included in the package also supports NES virtual console games on Nintendo’s Wii and Wii U consoles. The list of pre-installed NES Classic games includes popular retro titles such as Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros. & Super Mario Bros. 3, The Legend of Zelda (not the latest one, of course), Excitebike, Balloon Fight, and Pac-Man.

You can buy NES Classic for $59.99 and if you pay $20 more, you can get the SNES Classic which is an advanced console that supports easy multiplayer action with the help of two wired controllers. The SNES Classic comes with 21 pre-installed games and the biggest attraction here is the Star Fox 2 game, the sequel to Star Fox. Other SNES Classic games include Final Fantasy III, Super Mario Kart, Super Metroid, Super Castlevania IV, Kirby Super Star and many more.

If you’re planning to buy one of these Nintendo consoles, here’s everything you need to know about the NES Classic and SNES Classic.

Which system has better games?

It’s important to know about the quality of content available on both NES and SNES Classic systems. As mentioned above, you can play 30 pre-installed games on NES Classic and 21 games on SNES Classic. The former wins in terms of the number of games available, but the biggest factor here is the graphics quality.

The NES runs 8-bit games and the SNES supports 16-bit games. The difference is clearly visible as the latter has better graphics quality that enables it to offer a wide array of games. But if you’re an 8-bit graphics lover, and more inclined toward platformers and not RPGs, NES Classic should be your choice. It doesn’t necessarily make the SNES a bad console because the SNES lineup feels stronger and you can easily spend hours on SNES. At the end of the day, it’s all about your personal preference and your specific choice of games.

Features and functionality

If you need multiplayer support, none of these consoles should disappoint you because they both support multiplayer games. With the SNES Classic, you get two controllers in the package, but to play multiplayer games on the NES Classic, you will need to separately buy a controller for that purpose.

If you can afford both systems, it would be great as you’ll get the best retro games of all time. On both systems, you can keep playing games for hours and enjoy both 8-bit and 16-bit gaming. That being said, when it comes to supplying, Nintendo has had a bad track record or you can blame the popularity of these consoles that results in noticeable availability shortage.

This time, Nintendo is saying that these consoles will be available through the end of the year. Fans are still doubtful about this claim because, in the past, those who genuinely wanted to buy the console couldn’t get it, while many were able to buy and sell at higher price.

So if you’re waiting to buy these Nintendo consoles, the SNES Classic is available in stores as per the Nintendo’s official website. The NES Classic will be available from June 29th so make sure that you order your favorite console before the stock goes out.

People have always struggled to find the NES Classic and SNES Classic in stores. With a library of greatest retro games, these consoles have become a must have systems for hardcore Nintendo fans. Now when these two Nintendo systems are making a comeback, fans are waiting to hear N64 Classic Mini release announcement. Nintendo hasn’t officially shared anything about the N64, but fans are hopeful to see the console in 2018.

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