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8 Hilarious Things to Ask Siri Tonight.

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( Siri has a ton of hilarious answers at its disposal and there are many funny things to ask Siri. The virtual assistant has proved that it is more than just a lifeless machine. Engineers and creative content developers have given many abilities to Siri and a good sense of humor is one of them. If you are alone with Siri or enjoying Friday night with friends, ask your friends if they can come up with some funny questions for Siri. If you can’t think of anything to ask Siri, here are 8 things you can ask Siri right now to get some hilarious, honest and witty responses.

Siri and her boyfriend

Ask Siri if she has a boyfriend and be ready to hear something brutally honest or something you probably wouldn’t want to hear tonight. Rest assured, whatever she will tell you, it is going to be amazing for sure.

Siri is also good at suggesting pick up lines but try those lines at your own risk. When a user asked Siri for some pickup lines, she suggested lines of pickup trucks and it didn’t happen due to any mistake in the AI, Siri purposefully did that.

Ask about the competition

If you want some clever and hilarious answers from Siri, ask something about competitors like Android, Cortana or Google Assistant. She will then come to make you realize that you’re talking about some alien things or probably something you shouldn’t be talking about. For some questions about Cortana, Siri even responded like a jealous girlfriend especially when a user called Siri, Cortana. Try asking Siri something related to Android vs iOS and get hilarious answers.

Take fashion advice

Ask Siri what should you wear for Halloween and she will come up with different answers each time. Most of these answers would be funny as Siri is probably never going to be serious on this topic. She will likely suggest you dress up like a pirate so that she can be your “co-pirate.” She may also suggest you jump over and over so that you can tell people you’re antigravity.

Express your feelings

Don’t do this if you’re really sad because Siri’s savage answers could cause you pain. So if you’re in good mood and want a dose of laughter, tell Siri that you’re sad. Some users have tried asking the same question and they got different responses from Siri. Sometimes she may sound serious and suggest eating a chocolate, but she can also shamelessly promote iPhone’s glass surface saying you can cry as the glass surface is tear resistant. Siri also expresses her willingness to offer her shoulder to you for comfort but suddenly realizes that she doesn’t have shoulders.

Ask about God

Siri won’t give you a straight answer if you ask her about her belief system. Try asking Siri if she believes in God, or ask about her views on religion. She will remind you that she is just a machine and following a religion is something only humans are good at. Siri has very different thoughts about life. If you ask her what life is, she will amaze you will some hilarious philosophical thoughts.

The three laws of robotics

It’s funny when you dig deeper and ask Siri about her personality. You may have tried asking funny things to Siri about her parents, boyfriend, family, and crush. Now ask her if she follows the three laws of robotics because Siri’s funny answers to this question will leave you ROFL. Some users did the same and Siri’s answers were funny. So when you have nothing else to do, ask questions and Siri will bring you a massive dose of laughter.

When you can’t remember something

Ask Siri where did you put your keys last night. She will give you some clues but you must have a sharp memory to follow what she says. Some users asked the same question to the voice assistant and got hilarious answers from Siri. Try this with your iPhone and do let us know the answers in the comment box.

Don’t talk dirty

The idea of having a voice assistant with female voice leads many users to say bad things to Siri and this involves some sort of harassment as well. Siri is a smart AI assistant, and with sarcasm, it makes users leave speechless. If you want some hilarious responses from Siri, tell her to talk dirty and see how she leaves you speechless with her clever and usually funny response.

What are the funny things you asked Siri and got unexpected responses? Share in comments with us. If you have never tried such things with Siri, do it and have fun.

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