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A Hair Care Guide for Natural Curls while Traveling to Africa.

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( Basically, hair care for curly-haired people is already a problem; it will even get worse when you travel somewhere far. Good thing there are easy ways to maintain the health and glamor of your curly hair while traveling to Africa.

From essential hair styling items that can be carried easily to natural defensive serums that withstand dull airplane conditions, this is the ultimate guide to keep you carefree and curly on your Africa trip.

Style Essentials

Hair styling products are must-have items to bring in your travel in order to ensure that your curls will stay fresh and hydrated. The first and most essential among them is the curl cream. A curl cream can help refresh those twist-out curls overnight and can produce a salon-hair look. Aside from that, you should also bring a defining cream with castor oil, shea butter, and coconut oil ingredients. This will promote healthy hair growth and minimizes frizz.

If you want to bring more hair products, you can opt for items that come in travel-friendly sizes. Investing in travel bottle kits from your favorite brand is also sensible.

Fresh Curls Maintenance

Head wraps are perfect for making a lazy hair appear effortlessly good. It is also great for long waits while in the airport, so the temperature cannot frizz your fresh curls. Another effective method to keep up with your curls is to tie your hair into a bun. This will keep your hair moisturized and perfectly defined. Other ways to have your hair look good is through hair programs. You can opt for the Best Wholesale Hair Programme to add style and variety to your curly hair.

In-Flight Hair Care

A 30,000 feet distance from land can really affect your curls. Those twist-outs cannot really harmonize with the temperature and moisture-free conditions on the plane, which in turn dries your hair out. Dana and It’s recommended to put hair lotion in order to maintain a hydrated hair or use some organic coconut oil products.

Weather Forecast Check

Depending on your exact African destination, the climate can be cold or hot. Because of your hair texture, there is a certain protective style that works perfectly in a particular climate condition. You can consider having an 18-inch weave down when you are in the warmer parts of Africa. Since the continent of Africa lies in the intertropical zone, its humidity intensity is rather high. In this case, it is advisable to spray your hair with a heat protection product to protect those curls from the harmful UV rays. You can also opt for Argan oil gloss or hair shine polisher products if you want to keep your twist-out curls shiny.

Ending note

The hair is a woman’s treasure. Thus, it is essential to keep it looking good in every circumstance. Take care of that curly hair anywhere you go. Even though having a curly hair is a disadvantage because of its taxing maintenance, as long as you take good care of it, you’ll surely get the desired charm you deserve.

Staff Writer; Jerry Baker

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