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The State of 5G: How, When and Where It Will Reach First.

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( While some of you are still trying to get a stable 4G connection for your smartphone, home or office, many companies are bringing 5G closer to their customers. Companies like Ericsson, Huawei and Nokia are working to make 5G a reality for consumers. And if you are wondering how fast the 5G internet will be, you would be amazed to know that the highest claimed data speed in 5G is 71GB per second.

Today, if you are spending minutes on downloading HD movies, with 5G, you would be doing it in seconds or probably in less than a second. The latest report on the state of 5G trials suggests that the arrival of 5G won’t take more than a year, at least not in the places like the U.S. Here’s how, when and where the 5G technology will reach.

Expectations for 5G on smartphone and home/office routers are high. Mobile service operators will get new opportunities to expand their business. But the technology is still evolving and the dream of bringing 5G everywhere is complicated because vendors around the world are working at varying speeds and the most challenging parts are 5G trials, testing, and deployment.

The world needs fast, secure and reliable internet connectivity but unfortunately, there are places where no cell phone coverage or internet is available. These are remote isolated areas in many countries where people have no internet and in some places, people don’t even have an idea of what internet is.

Although the 5G internet is not coming anytime soon, at least not in 2018, 5G trials are taking place at a mass level. During the Winter Olympic Games in South Korea and Super Bowl in Minneapolis, the technology was tested at large scale and was supported at the World Economic Forum 2018.

The ongoing 5G trials have made it very clear that things are not the same when it comes to achieving high-speed internet. Reports suggest that only a few mobile operators were successful in achieving blazing fast internet speed. Out of 72, only four operators claimed to achieve 70GB per second speed while the average speed achieved by operators is around 35GB per second and there are some operators that couldn’t even get more than 10GB per second data speed.

The European Parliament has agreed to set a time span of 20 years on the awarding of 5G spectrum licenses. This is less than how much the industry was looking for as the industry was pushing for 25 years. In the U.S. this is the first time when the 5G network will be commercialized. Countries like Korea, Japan, and the U.S. are ready to jump into 5G commercialization. According to Samsung, the company will focus on the U.S. market as the 5G services will launch in the country this year.

To build the 5G ecosystem, companies are talking to their customers and looking for opportunities in different sectors. Areas like retail, engineering, manufacturing, and health are exciting fields to experiment. These industries also appear to be among the early adopters. The 5G network speed will vary, but how much we have seen in the last few months, the download speeds were promising enough and is almost 5 times faster than 4G networks. Today when the world is enjoying 4K media, we will soon be seeing 8K in everyone’s place and there will be more connected cars, drones, and superfast routers.

We won’t see 5G in 2018 and we cannot expect it to reach smartphone users anytime before 2020. It is safe to assume that we will see a sudden rise in demand once after the regulation is in effect. If you’re in the U.S. you will most likely get to see 5G on smartphones in 2019. Carriers including AT&T, Verizon are aiming to release their versions of 5G this year while companies like Qualcomm, Samsung, and Huawei are expected to bring 5G enabled devices for the public in 2019.

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