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5 Ways To Protect Your Computer & Family From Hackers.

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( There is a good chance that you’ve heard about a recent computer hack or two. Hackers have managed to improve their skills significantly and they’ve found ways to compromise the systems of the world’s biggest corporations. While many hackers like to target companies, there are still plenty that are after people like you. They’ll be interested in stealing your personal information and your credit card details. This is why it is absolutely pertinent to protect your computer and family from hackers. You’ll learn how to do just that below.

Use Antivirus Software

It should come as no surprise to learn that antivirus software is a must in this day and age. These programs are created to stop malicious software from installing on your computer. When it detects malicious code, it’ll go ahead and disarm and remove the dangerous file as quickly as possible. Since viruses are capable of infecting your computer without your knowledge, you need this type of protection. Also, make sure that you automatically update your software to maintain its effectiveness.

BlueGadgetTooth recommends McAfee or Avast, but there are plenty of great antivirus programs out there.

Keep Operating System Up To Date

Once a new operating system or update has been released, hackers will go to work looking for vulnerabilities. After a little while, the software developer will release patches to fix these problems. This is why you should keep your operating system up to date. This will help to eliminate backdoors and prevent the hackers from finding a way through.

Shut Down Your Computer

It is often easier to leave your computer running all night long. This is great, but it can create serious problems. Your computer is vulnerable as long as it is powered up and connected to the Internet. When you shut your computer down, it is no longer vulnerable to hackers. With this in mind, you should shut down your computer each and every night. This will ensure that you cannot be hacked while you and your family are asleep.

Be Cautious Of Downloading Files

It is pertinent to be very cautious of the files that you download. Only download files from reputable sources. You should also consider scanning the files ahead of time. If you’re suspicious of a specific file or picture in your email, you should not open it. This is vital, because most ordinary consumers are hacked after opening dangerous files they’ve downloaded online.

Enable Firewall

While most Windows and Apple computers are integrated with security features, such as firewalls, they must be activated for them to work. With this said, your computer will not be fully protected from hackers, if it is not installed with this state-of-the-art software.

There are two types of firewalls, hardware and software. While these firewalls are very similar, they offer unique benefits. Of course, both provide security, by acting as a security barrier between your computer and unauthorized individuals who are trying to gain access via the Internet.

Once you activate the firewall, it will permanently prevent the unauthorized individual from getting into your network.

Staff Writer; Larry Harris

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