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Arming White Nationalist Female Teachers To Further Harm Black Children Is Not A Good Idea And Here’s Why.

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( After the recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida, many states including the ones here in The South are already romanticizing the idea of arming these already unqualified, hostile, and vicious white nationalist female teachers to “protect them from being shot up”

When I first heard about this story online, my immediate reaction was that I’m not a big fan of the idea of arming white nationalist female teachers because by doing so would immediately put black kids in danger by them being more likely to get shot and killed by these already hostile and vicious white nationalist female teachers.

The public school system (a part of The U.S. Colonial State) historically and today have always been a very toxic and hostile environment for black kids as they are the far most likely to be criminalized by the white nationalist teachers, administrators, and far more likely to be arrested on minor offenses by police officers on a daily basis. And our kids are constantly being viciously murdered in the streets at the hands of the police on a daily basis.

Even though most school shootings are carried out by teenage white boys, there’s absolutely no militarization nor aggressive police containment present at predominant white schools, it’s only at the predominant black schools that you see this heavy militarization andaggressive police containment and it’s done for a systemic reason and that’s to prevent black children from standing up and challenging the status quo oppression that’s inflicted against them on a daily basis by not only white nationalist female teachers and administrators, but especially the police.

When you go to any school that’s predominantly black nowadays, you see metal detectors at the front of the school and even sometimes behind the front door, you see razor wired fences on the opposite ends of some of the schools, you see nasty bathrooms, nasty food, severely underfunded, heavy police containment, outdated supplies, locked gates, illegally unlawful searches, lack of adequate air conditioning and heating as recently seen in a school in a predominant black neighborhood in Baltimore that had black parents outraged.

There are countless videos on the internet of white nationalist female teachers either verbally harassing our kids or putting their vile hands by physically assaulting our kids in some cases. They also play a major role in maintaining the status quo oppression of our children by any means necessary, particularly in the form of the school-to-prison pipeline. There’s absolutely nothing good about romanticizing the idea about arming white nationalist female teachers.

Another factor that perpetuates the school-to-prison pipeline is that a study done a few years ago found that young white women are afraid of black students and specifically young black male students because they view them as “potentially criminal, violent, and prison-bound”.

Examples of these vicious attacks against black children in these public schools include a white nationalist female teacher named Patricia Cummings in New York made black students lie on the floor while she deliberately stepped on the back one of them to supposedly “illustrate the trauma of The Trans Atlantic Slave Trade”. This is a clear act of systemic violence against black children when she stepped on the back of a black student.

Another example of the systemic violence carried out against our kids are when these vicious white nationalist female teachers and administrators have cut off the natural hair of black students, cutting the hoods off their jacket, made white nationalist rants against black children on social media, physically assaulted them, verbally demoralizing them with the words monkey, ape, n***a, bitch, hoe, thot, as well as being aggressively arrested and thrown to the ground with a knee dug into their back by police officers. This is the type of reality that black children are forced to deal with on a daily basis in the colonial education system.

I also wanna mention that I read an article that a sista that I know had wrote last month about police brutality and she said in the article that when she was in the 4th grade, she recalled seeing a young white boy throwing a desk at a white female teacher and no police were called and no charges were filed. We all know exactly that the police will be called and charges filed against black children if they take a stand against the oppression inflicted on them by these white nationalist teachers and administrators because the police are specifically assigned to protect white female teachers and white students from black students in the schools.

Regular white people including the most powerful and dangerous white nationalists such as the police, the politicians, and the media function as puppets for The System because they have carried out all sorts of systemic violence against black people not just around the world, but especially in this country in the form of bombing black churches, police murders of black people, white nationalist vigilante killings of black people, poisoning our water supply, gentrification, locking up black people, inciting violence against black people, imposing the illegal drug economy and horizontal violence onto our community, harassing and assaulting our children in the public school system as well as pushing them out of the classroom and into the prison system that makes millions and billions each year from the unpaid and exploited labor of black people to fuel the parasitic white capitalist economy.

If anything, they are only interested in trying to specifically arm white nationalist female teachers to only maintain the status quo oppression of our children on a daily basis. The idea of arming white nationalist female teachers also proves without a shadow of a doubt that The System has never truly cared about black people especially black children.

Note: Florida recently became the first state in the country to approve a law that allocates $67 million to train and arm school employees to further terrorize black children and to also push more police containment in schools in urban areas in the state.

The Conclusion – My suggestion to black parents, get your kids out of these toxic and hostile public schools and homeschool them before these white nationalist female teachers steal the life of your child with a gun.

Staff Writer; Kwame Shakir (aka Joe D.)

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