Apple watchOS 4.3 Features, Improvements & Everything We Know So Far.

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Apple watchOS 4.3 Features, Improvements & Everything We Know So Far.

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( Apple watchOS 4.3 beta updates are coming several times in a month and it’s good for smartwatch owners. Recently, the company started seeding the second beta of the watchOS 4.3 and just like the first beta, it is available for developers. So now when developers can download and check the latest version of the Apple Watch operating system, here we are listing all the features of the watchOS 4.3 we know so far. In the coming days, Apple will roll out more updates so we will keep you updated with new improvements on the OS.

1. Access the Apple Music Library

This one is going to make a lot of Apple Watch fans happy as the watchOS 4.3 now allows users to access the Apple Music Library on their iPhone. It can be done easily by using the Apple Music Watch App. Picking a new artist or a new song on your iPhone through Apple Watch has become easy. All you need to do is to open the Apple Music app on your Apple Watch, choose the songs you want to play on your iPhone. This feature was available in the old versions of the watchOS but later it was removed in the watchOS 4.

2. New information card

There’s something new on the Siri watchface. So if you want to take a quick look at your daily goals, you can easily do so with the new activity card. Now you can easily check your activities without having to open the Activity app on your watch. Once after you download the new version of the watchOS which is 4.3, you will notice that the animation on charging has also been changed. So now when you put your watch on the charger, you will get to see this new charging animation.

3. Nightstand Mode

Support for the Nightstand mode is also now available on the Apple Watch. The latest developers’ beta now supports a portrait orientation version here. Earlier the Nightstand mode used to work only on its side. So if your watch is not resting on its left side, you can easily see the big numbers reflecting time and date on your Apple Watch. Those who don’t know what Nightstand on Apple Watch is, it is a very useful feature that displays charge level, date and time when you put your Apple Watch on its charging deck. It shows a beautiful green light display on the screen.

4.  Sorting out bugs

We all hate bugs in smart systems. According to Apple, this new version of the operating system is majorly focused on sorting out bugs and it will improve your Apple Watch’s performance. The company has not confirmed if the users are going to experience improved battery life for their smartwatch, there are chances that the company will optimize some features and the new update will add more life to your smartwatch.

Things to remember

If you’re not a developer, it is recommended that you do not try to download any of the beta versions on your Apple Watch. There’s no way to downgrade or move to an older version of the operating system on an Apple Watch. Apple has not confirmed when the release of the new version will be available for the public. So the watchOS 4.3 update is limited to developers only and you should wait for its public release. Trying to download the developers’ beta on your watch may brick it.

Apple has confirmed that the iOS 11.3 is coming to the public this spring. We expect Apple to release the watchOS 4.3 alongside this update as the company is also working on tvOS 4.3 and beta releases of macOS. If Apple chooses to release all these updated OS versions at the same time, we still have a long time to see the new watchOS 4.3 on our Apple Watch.

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