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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Amazon Kindle Oasis Is The Best e-book Reader of The Year.

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( The Amazon Kindle Oasis 2017 is the best e-reader you can get this year. It’s a 7-inch Kindle you can take anywhere, be it sunlight or under 2 meters of water. The device costs $250 and is available now on Amazon.

Paper books will always be there even when their digital equivalents are available. The Kindle Oasis cannot recreate the feel of buying a new paper book and its smell, but keeping paper books in a good condition is always a headache for many. You can’t say no to everyone who wants to borrow a book from your bookshelf.

The charm of paper books is still matchless and book collectors can give you many reasons to choose a paper book, but when it comes to consuming content in this digital age, nothing can replace a Kindle Oasis. Does anyone really need to buy a $249 ebook reader? To find the answers, it is really important to check how it feels in hands and how it justifies the price tag. We are testing the Amazon Kindle Oasis beyond the basic solutions it provides – comfort, great focus, and freedom from multitasking, alerts, and disturbance.

The all-new Kindle Oasis comes with a USB cable but you don’t get a charging cover as the device now houses a bigger battery than the previous models and the need of adding a cover to get decent battery life no longer exists. If you need a cover, there are many options available in different colors which you can buy separately.

The new Kindle Oasis lasts up to six weeks once after a full charge as long as you’re keeping Bluetooth and Wi-Fi off. For audio streaming, the device will consume more battery power which is obviously going to reduce battery life.

A 7-inch screen significantly reduces the number of page flips as you can read one more paragraph on its bigger screen. Its features make this Kindle device the best ebook reader. Reading experience becomes flawless as the display quality is more pleasant and turning the pages is also faster than what you experience on the previous versions of Amazon’s ebook readers. The company gives you the ability to change between five levels of font boldness. Dynamic changes in the screen brightness according to the ambient lighting make it more user-friendly. In the Paperwhite reader, you had to do this manually. There’s a new mode for those who love reading light fonts on dark background.

It’s awkward that the new Amazon Kindle Oasis offers audible books, but doesn’t feature a headphone jack. So if you love listening to audiobooks, you will need to connect the device to a Bluetooth headset or a Bluetooth speaker. If you’re looking for some Alexa Home-like solution that reads out your books loud, you will be disappointed with the Oasis. Lack of headphone jack is probably a deal breaker for many because audible books on a smartphone connected to your car’s Bluetooth or headphones offer the same experience.

For many readers, spending $249.99 on a Kindle makes sense because you can take it to the beach, and swimming pool; the device is lighter and more comfortable in hands. But if you max out the specs and features, it will cost you $350. For the additional $100, you get 32GB storage (base model offers 8GB storage), ad-free reading experience and Wi-Fi + cellular connectivity.

There are many key reasons behind why we call the Amazon Kindle Oasis the best e-reader of the year. The first thing that makes it worth buying is metal build. This is the first time Amazon has launched an all-metal Kindle. This is also the first Kindle that comes with a waterproof design. When you hold the device, it is the most comfortable Kindle Amazon has ever designed. Apart from these reasons, integration of audible books over Bluetooth is also a strong feature that makes the Amazon Kindle Oasis 2017 stand out.

Staff Writer; Corey Shaw

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