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President Donald Trump: A Poster Boy For White Supremacy.

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( It’s time to get real. Donald J. Trump is not an aberration of most White males in the United States of America. In fact, he is exactly what most of them are all about. That’s why he’s president of the country today.

And contrary to what is often stated by too many newspapers, radio and television commentators, he is not in the White House mainly because of votes from White hillbillies as can be seen by the following:

1. Fifty-three percent of White women voted for him despite having heard and seen him proudly bragging about being able to sexually grope and harass women.

2. An overwhelming number of white veterans voted for him despite his having been a draft dodger during the Vietnam War; despite his brazen ridiculing of Sen. John McCain for having been a prisoner of war for five years in the same conflict; and despite Donald Trump’s strong support of serious efforts to privatize the Veteran’s Hospital system.

3. Millions of low-income, working-class and middle income White males and females voted for him despite his resolute refusal to provide his tax returns, as did his predecessors.

4. Those same millions voted for him despite his defiant refusal to give up control of his family businesses. Thus his businesses are generating millions, if not billions, of dollars for Trump and his family while he is in the White House.

5. A sizable number of Black folks and Latinos voted for him despite his attitude toward people of color, especially those of African descent. That attitude is patronizing at best and White supremacist at worst. He’s the kind of White person who passionately believes we should be eternally “grateful” that our ancestors were enslaved because it rescued them and us from “savage” Africa.

All of the above voted for Donald Trump despite his election victory having been assisted by operatives connected to Russian president, Vladimir Putin. It’s obvious that Donald Trump considers Putin a solid ally in the effort to keep people who look like them as the dominant force in world affairs.

The bottom line is that Donald J. Trump, during both the Republican primary and the campaign for presidency, made it absolutely clear as to who and what he is. Not a single person who voted for him can honestly say that he lied or misled them. They got what they voted for, a poster boy for White supremacy.

Written by A. Peter Bailey

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One Response to “President Donald Trump: A Poster Boy For White Supremacy.”
  1. Douglas Loss says:

    I’m sorry Peter, but that’s a load of crap. Many of us were unhappy at the choice provided to us in 2016, between an inexperienced self-promoter and a clearly criminal and corrupt female politician. What happened is that the less bad option was chosen. Like it or not, things would have been much worse if Clinton had been elected.

    As for the rest of your claims, you folks on the left always shout about “white privilege” and “white supremacy” whenever you can’t make believable rational arguments to support your positions. Try to do so without using either of those terms (or other racially inflammatory ones). We’ll wait…

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