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Sea of Thieves Release Date, Features, and Gameplay: What We Know So Far.

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( During the Game Awards 2017, Sea of Thieves release date will most likely get confirmed and more details about the game will be shared by the game developer Rare. The Xbox One exclusive is expected to arrive sometime in 2018 and it is expected that the game will be available before the second quarter of the year. Developed using Unreal Engine 4, the upcoming action-adventure game will bring co-op multiplayer action. Here’s what the game developers have officially confirmed as of this writing.

Last week, the developer invited players to alpha test and it is now clear that the game will probably enter the beta testing phase. There are chances that the studio will run the final alpha sessions in December or January and soon after collecting feedback and fixing up the potential glitches, the game will arrive before E3 2018. During Microsoft’s ExtraLife gaming marathon, Xbox’s Aaron Greenberg confirmed that some news is coming about the game during the Game Awards Show this year, but he didn’t reveal anything about the Sea of Thieves release date.

The gameplay will support 4K graphics and as a result, players will be able to enjoy the beautiful setting of the game in crisp and more detailed visuals. Sea of Thieves puts players in a shared world where players will have to collaborate and become the best pirates. It touches almost every aspect of a sea pirate’s life. Hunt for treasures, sail their ship to distant locations, explore islands, fight with rivals, and pursue a life full of adventures on water and land.

Sea of Thieves allows up to four people in a crew and there can be three crews with this strategy. The game is still in alpha stage and there are chances that the studio will plan to increase number of players when the final game launches. The developer Rare, in its official statement, said that the number of team members can be decided later. The game disappoints those who love playing video games alone. It is undoubtedly an unfair expectation from a game which is solely based on multiplayer gameplay system, but thankfully, the developers have given hints about the possibility of including a single player campaign.

As a pirate of the big ocean, you will be acquiring different maps and you will choose side quests accordingly. The quests will include treasure-hunting missions. Once after a crew finds treasure, they will be responsible for taking care of it, because rival crews will be on the lookout for unguarded treasure and in such conditions, players will have to use their best defense strategy to keep their discoveries safe. To make cash, players will be able to trade the treasures and special objects at outposts.

Combats will include gunfighting, cutlass, and blunderbuss. The developer has not yet revealed all the gameplay features and promises to release more details in the coming days. Players will be able to customize their ships and weapons will also get customization or upgrade options. The game doesn’t support split-screen and the developer has clearly stated that it won’t bring any such feature.

Sea of Thieves is currently in alpha stage and players will need to sign up for Insider Program to receive exclusive details and regular game updates. The Insider program doesn’t guarantee access to the technical alpha sessions. Players will be selected by the developer and those eligible players will have to follow the terms of NDA until the agreement is lifted.

The game will be available for Windows 10 PCs and the Xbox One. Testing for the game started in 2016 and after completing almost a year in the testing phase, the game will finally come out of the alpha stage soon. The company hasn’t confirmed anything about what’s coming next when this year-long testing ends.

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    I like what I’m hearing. Just hope we can get the green light and make this game a reality.

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