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Samsung Galaxy X Will Drag Attention Away From The iPhone X.

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( Samsung is confident about the Samsung Galaxy X release as the device is said to feature a foldable screen. After multiple leaks, Samsung finally confirmed that the ‘Folding Phone’ concept is real and the company will launch the product in future. Everyone is expecting the new phone to arrive sometime in 2018. The company also said that there are several hurdles on the way, and the release plan of a phone with the bendable display can be pushed back if the problems remain the same.

It is a well-known fact that Samsung is leading in the OLED display market, and with innovations like infinity display, we have seen how far the company has gone with the technology. What can cause a delay in the phone release is bringing the idea into life. OLED display is very sensitive and requires huge efforts. While Samsung is fearless about introducing a $1000 phone, making foldable OLED panel is something more challenging and it can significantly affect the manufacturing cost. To keep the price low, Samsung will need to put efforts.

What makes the Apple iPhone X attractive is its display. There are many other reasons why people choose to upgrade their iPhones to the iPhone X, and sales figures available from third-party sources are showing that Apple is doing really well. During the last week of November, the company reportedly sold 6 million iPhone X units. With the iPhone X, Apple brought almost everything Samsung did with the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. If we look at their screen-to-body ratio, both the S8 and S8 Plus beat the iPhone X easily. Samsung’s facial recognition feature is not up to the mark, while Apple Face ID is almost flawless which can easily be considered a step ahead. But on the other points such as wireless charging, camera, build quality, and OLED panels, Samsung already showed us everything before Apple. One can easily say that Samsung is ahead in the game.

If Samsung Galaxy X arrives in early 2018, it will surely make an impact on the iPhone X sales, but technically, Samsung has already troubled Apple enough with the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. While Apple is fighting, Samsung is working on a new product Galaxy X – the game changer. There are many challenges for Samsung, but if the company achieves the goal, consumers will surely force other smartphone makers to accept the big change. If it happens, Apple will most likely adopt the change because bending the display is not completely impossible for the company. For the iPhone X, they actually achieved bezel-less design by bending the glass, and this time the company will have to bend it inside. It sounds easy, but it is obviously not as easy as it seems.

Meanwhile, a Samsung device with model number SM-G888N0 received Bluetooth certification earlier this year. As the model number doesn’t belong to any of the existing models, everyone is expecting that it is the Samsung Galaxy X. In 2016, a patent, in the United States, was filed by Samsung in which drawings of a device with stretchable display are shown. Recently a support page for the same Samsung mobile device model appeared on the company’s official website and it led many fans to believe that the model number belongs to the Samsung Galaxy X.

Regardless of what Samsung is actually planning, the company is surely on the way to find ways to bring revolution in the smartphone display. In 2013, Samsung introduced the Galaxy Round, a flexible AMOLED display phone with a curved body. Since then, we have been witnessing the changes in display size and design in form of Note Edge and Galaxy series phones. Several reports are claiming that the Samsung Galaxy X will have foldable display and a form factor similar to the Samsung Galaxy S8. The device is expected to be announced during CES in January 2018.

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  1. Fred Washington says:

    I truly wonder if Samsung will every release this phone? Could this just be a “PR” move? We shall see.

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