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Ghost of Tsushima: Sucker Punch Brings Japanese History in Open World.

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( There was a time when Samurai games were available in abundance. But on the modern consoles, you can count the number of good Samurai games as there are very few. With Ghost of Tsushima, developer Sucker Punch is taking players into an era when Mongol Empire invaded the islands of Tsushima, Japan. The game is set in 1274 and Samurai warriors are trying their best to defend their land. The local population finally loses hope and Mongol Empire takes control.

When you look at the year 1274, it becomes very clear that you’re going to see heroes and you are going to see villains as well. Ghost of Tsushima puts players in the role of the last samurai who is ready to fight back for the freedom of Japan. Players will have to go beyond the traditional fighting tactics and adopt the unconventional war tactics. With katana and other weapons, you will have to fight Mongol army as the attackers now rule Tsushima Island.

Sucker Punch released a trailer video for the game in which you can see Khan, the leader of the Mongol Empire and the game’s protagonist Jin. In the trailer, you can see Mongols capturing villagers, burning places. One of the invaders is also seen asking samurai to surrender. Graphics are absolutely stunning as you can see the motion of water, grass, birds, and facial expressions of the two characters. Sucker Punch is known for their work in the Infamous video game series and this time, things are getting better. You can observe the attention to details in a scene where Khan and Jin come face to face. The flames around Jin and his movements in those cutscenes that appear at the end of the video clearly show that how detailed the game’s graphics are.

Director Nate Fox writes in his blog that he has always been a fan of Samurai comics. He shares how the characters and landscapes in the new game are inspired by those samurai comic books. He said that the visuals you see in the game’s trailer are developed in the game engine itself. It means that whatever you saw in the trailer, you will actually explore those locations in the video game. The objects and art developed by Sucker Punch make things look real.

Ghost of Tsushima is an open-world game Sony announced during Paris Games Week 2017 press briefing. The company said that the timing of this announcement was strategic as the company didn’t want to announce the game in hurry. With that, Sony also admitted that in the past, they announced video games early. The company didn’t say anything specific about any of the games released in past, but many PlayStation fans believe that the backlash for No Man’s Sky led Sony to change its strategy and now the company is more careful about making announcements about upcoming games.

Sony’s Michael Denny confirmed that a playable version of Ghost of Tsushima is now available. Game development is always an experimental process. Changes in technology and even small things can shift the entire direction of the game development process. To make sure that developers are delivering what they promised, they need time and enough progress before they come out and announce the game.

The studio shared very few details about the upcoming game. Ghost of Tsushima’s concept took shape during the days when the studio was working on its previous game. During the initial days, the studio collected ideas from their internal team and they got around 70 different ideas about a new game.

Fans can expect more details about the game during PSX 2017. Sony has confirmed that the game developers will attend PlayStation Experience event this year and the game’s creative director Nate Fox, creative art director Jason Connell, animation director Billy Harper will share new details.

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  1. Black Gamer. says:

    Will have to check out this “Samurai” game.. This style of play seems to be of the past..

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