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The Least Talked About Topics Of Conversation For Men – Discussed.


(ThyBlackMan.comIt’s time to get serious, there are some topics of conversation that a lot of men don’t like to discuss, but true to form, this can be a real issue moving forward if you find yourself suffering in silence. This may sound quite extreme, but the truth is, many males don’t open up about a lot of issues that a more common than they realise. When you don’t get the necessary help or take appropriate action, then you can find yourself on the downward spiral and often feeling a lot worse than you did at the beginning.

It’s time to change some of the stigma around some of these topics and encourage more men to open up. Whether that is to your partners, to your friends or even just admitting to yourself that you have an issue. Here are some of the least talked about topics of conversation for men finally discussed in a more open forum. I hope that by mentioning some of these issues that it fills you with the confidence to own up to some of the problems you could be facing right now.

Anxiety and depression

Men don’t tend to talk about how they are feeling, especially if they are showing signs of low mood. Some men’s view is that it can be a sign of weakness, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Anxiety can also be an issue men face, but again the stigma around the anxious feelings could mean that most men struggling with this could continue to suffer in silence. However, depression and anxiety are much more common amongst men today than some would believe. It can be caused by many different factors in your day to day lives. From worrying about life in general which can go on to cause you stress and illness, or having low mood and confidence. Depression and anxiety, if untreated, can lead to bigger problems in the future so it is essential to talk about these feelings as soon as they begin to arise.

The fear of hair loss

Hair loss is becoming an ever increasing problem with more men struggling with it than ever before. The truth is, while it isn’t a much talked about subject amongst men today, there is an easy solution through a hair transplant. However, the main problem is that more people require it than experts who can provide it and it fast becoming a huge empire that men can take advantage of. When it comes to a struggle with confidence over how you look it is always best to take action.

Handling stress

Stress can often be something you struggle with on its own, but it can also be something that forms part of a much bigger problem like depression or anxiety issues. No matter how you look at it, your lifestyle is playing a huge part in your stress levels and so it might be worth reevaluating your priorities. The thing is, men again don’t like to talk about feeling stressed as this can indicate a lack of control in a certain area of your life. But again this is far from the truth and often talking about it gives you the confidence to make life-changing decisions. Which can end up having a major positive impact on your life.

Prostate cancer

For the male population, prostate cancer is one of the biggest cancers a man can get. The prostate gland is only in the male and the  screening can be unpleasant to go through. While sometimes cancer can present more obvious symptoms, it can go unnoticed for some time, which if left untested and untreated can go on to more long-term damage. It’s always advisable to get a prostate examination done as soon as you can as early detection can mean curing the cancer. There are many different options to handle prostate cancer, thankfully, and a medical practitioner would be happy to discuss all of the options. It is definitely something most men like to avoid talking about, but it can essentially save your life.

Sexual health

Finally, a lot of men worry about their sexual health and rightly so. Sexually transmitted infections are reaching record highs all over the world, and some of them can be fatal to fertility if left untreated. If you show any signs of problems in that department then it might be worth speaking to your doctor.

While it is hard to open up about your feelings, in most cases doing this with someone your trust or medical professionals can actually help improve your life and feelings. Which has got to be worth it, hasn’t it?

Staff Writer; Charles Poole

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