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Taking a Knee against Racial Controversy.


(ThyBlackMan.com) While racism is nothing new to the many minorities nationwide, but now we are being criticized for standing up for what we believe in while also exercising our right to freedom of speech. Colin Kaepernick made headlines last year after he took a knee during the National Anthem and was threatened and booed, he was later joined by another teammate Rashard Robinson. Kaepernick is a very popular NFL player, he also filed a grievance against the NFL alleging not being signed due to owners protests. Of course every media outlet possible ran with the story, receiving commentary from those all over the world many in support of Kaepernick saying he did what was right for protesting police brutality against African Americans as well as other minorities.

The quarterback is fighting to get his job back, and has protested three exhibitions. Why must they turn everything we do into something derogatory and negative? When we use our voices to do positive we are still seen as these savages who are uncivilized and do not belong in their eyes. After Kaepernick tool the knee he paved the way for many others to follow his trend. Just as Kaepernick these people were punished as well whether they were suspended or lost their jobs. When black players take a knee they are making a gesture a pain this isn’t a game but a cry for help.

Every single day we have to face a struggle and that is being colored, because of this we are denied human rights, fair treatment, or just basic common courtesy. Many Kaepernick fans “switched up” after he took the knee saying that he shouldn’t be playing for a team because he disrespected the flag of the fallen. How can this be seen as disrespecting the flag when the man is obviously seeking respect for himself as well as other minorities in the world. They are denying him his very own right to speak, taking the knee in my opinion was the best decision. When making the conscience decision to take the knee Kaepernick wasn’t thinking about the checks he was thinking of his life, he risked his lively hood in order to stand for what he believed in, he clearly is a hero.

No amount of money can make up for the lack of care that this world has for minorities, while racism will forever live we cannot allow it to overshadow the fighting our ancestors have done and the fight that some us still fight everyday. Use your energy and turn it into something positive for the world to build up yourself as well as others around you. With the media being all over this story, it is reported that Colin Kaepernick landed a book deal worth more than one million dollars. It has not yet been released on what the book will consist of.

One person who was extremely dissatisfied by Kaepernick’s kneeling was Trump, who later spoke out saying players who don’t stand for the National Anthem should be fired. My question for “Mr. President” is so the National Anthem is more important than human rights in this country?

Staff Writer; Myra Moore

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