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I Respect Beyoncé the Mother.

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(ThyBlackMan.comYou can say what you want about Beyoncé the singer/entertainer, but you can’t through salt on her as a mother. Some may not like Jay-Z for whatever reason, but we can’t say he’s an absentee or terrible dad. The bottom line is The Carters are raising their family not a spectacle. I respect the fact that Beyoncé has given birth to her twins, and we don’t see them plastered all over the media.

We got looks at Blue Ivy as she has been growing up, but it seems as though they try give her a normal childhood as much as possible. We all know Beyoncé and Jay-Z have has issues in what began looking like a picture-perfect marriage. I don’t believe it was a façade to be perfect, but a nod to keeping the world out of their home.

Okay so yes, the infidelity Jay-Z committed did get out, and many of us saw the fury, and reconciliation of this couple through “Lemonade”. However, what I love is the children are always a positive entity that brings about the unity of these two giants. In the recent album 4:44 Jay-Z seemed to spill so much about himself in a personal manner, and the album was one that fostered discussion on various topics relating to marriage, love and parenting. He wonders what his children may think of him one day. Well, they realize that he isn’t perfect…but he was honest, and their parents decided to give an honest go at marriage.

Beyoncé has been looked down upon at times for her attire in stage performances, and videos. She’s an entertainer! With that being said, off stage it seems she is a devoted mother and wife. I love that she protects her babies from a media that cares nothing for them. She is not allowing her home to become a Reality TV space.

We don’t see inside the safe space Beyoncé, and Jay-Z, have created for their family. Whether you are a member of the Bey-hive, or would never listen to an album at all, you must acknowledge how she tends to handle motherhood. Beyoncé is excited about motherhood, and her babies, and I respect her for it. They don’t seem to be a pawn or vindication piece in her life…they seem to be her stars. Beyoncé the mother is the real reason I’m a fan.

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One Response to “I Respect Beyoncé the Mother.”
  1. Keisha J. says:

    Queen Beyonce has inspired millions. Glad to see the sister enjoying being a mother.

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