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Having the Talk: Teaching Your Son About Sex.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Men serve as a very important fixture in the lives of their children. Both boys and girls need a strong man to show them how to navigate in this world.  Whether or not you are still in a relationship with your child’s mother, don’t let any ill will that may exist between the two of you stop you from having a meaningful relationship with your son or daughter. Young ladies need a man to show them how they should be treated. Young men need a man to show them how to treat women, provide for a family and be a man. So, let’s talk about something that every boy will experience at some point in his life – sex.

You cannot get around this life event happening for your son. Unfortunately, too many times boys are left to their own devices, or to those of their friends or to what they see on TV when it comes to learning about sex. This is not how it should be. Sex is a serious thing that young people need guidance and advice on in order to fully understand everything it entails. Because it is a subject that parents don’t always like to talk to their children about, here are some tips on how fathers can have the sex conversation with their very interested, very vulnerable sons.

Don’t Ignore It

I know that it can be easy to ignore the conversation altogether, but that is not a good idea. Teenage boys are very impressionable and, to be honest, they want to be seen as men. That means that they will do stupid things based on what they think they know. Don’t leave them to just flap in the wind. Get yourself together, and have that conversation. For your son’s sake.

Don’t be Nervous

You are a grown man, why should you be afraid to have a conversation about sex with your son? Believe it or not, it’s not that easy for everyone. Some men just don’t know how to do it and therefore when they do make the effort, it’s a disaster. Don’t be nervous when you have the conversation. It’s very important and you need a clear head. If you need to, write things down and go from a list of points that you want to make. It may sound silly, but it’s helpful.

Teach Respect

When you have the talk, don’t talk to him like you would your boys who have already experienced sex. Use language that communicates to your son the importance of being respectful. This is not the time to give him a rundown of your list of women, or to teach him how to be a player. You don’t have to be lovely dovey, but don’t teach him that sex is a sport. Young boys will take that and twist it into something with disastrous results.

Tell them Everything
Don’t leave out the parts that are uncomfortable for you. Tell him what their penis will look like right before. Tell them how to pleasure their sexual partner. Teach them about STD’s and without a doubt, reiterate the importance of protection. Leave nothing to chance.

The sex talk is a real part of life. Don’t let it pass you by. Talk to your son so that he’s well informed.

Staff Writer; Rasheda Abdullah


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  1. Marque Anthony says:

    What would a woman (the author) know regarding what men should teach our sons?

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