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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The Current Era Of Social Media/YouTube Opportunists In America.

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( These days, their is a new and disturbing trend that’s been very common amongst a lot of black and white people on social media and it’s what I personally call social media/YouTube opportunists.

Opportunism comes in all forms from parasitic to greedy and this mindset has psychologically poisoned the minds of a lot of people in this country, especially these pseudo-black “leaders, celebrities, and pseudo-black conscious people” that are constantly popping up on social media and on YouTube.

Intro: Here are several types of social media/YouTube opportunists that exist in the age of technology.

1. Pseudo-Conscious People – There are a lot of pseudo-conscious people out there that claim that they’re for the “betterment and uplifting” of our people, but when you dig much deeper to see if they’re real, you find all sorts of misogyny, hatred and discrimination against other groups of black people, as well as perpetuating the divisive tactics like colorism and a lot of them engage in extreme opportunism by exploiting the poor working class for their own self-serving gain.

Example: A very notorious pseudo-conscious opportunist named Umar Johnson had asked the poor working class urban people to donate money he claimed to “build a school” for young urban boys and they did and when they started to realize that nothing was being done to accomplish his so-called goal of “building a school”, they began to question his character and began to ask him “where was the money really going?” So instead of providing them an honest answer, he became antagonistic and very combative with the poor, working class over an honest question that they asked to him. That’s a form of self-serving opportunism.

2. White LGBT Community – Recently the white LGBT community in Philly put black and brown stripes on their flag to show their so-called “solidarity” towards black and brown LGBT people. And a lot of white LGBT people are social media/YouTube opportunists who often exploit others on social media, especially black and brown people to further their white imperialist agenda.

The way I see it is this, it’s basically a very opportunistic and manipulative attempt by the white bourgeoisie to lead same-gender loving black and brown people into a very counter-revolutionary and reformist agenda. Their flag is representative of white imperialism and it’s no different from the US flag and both of these flags represent colonial imperialistic domination and mirrors police containment, poverty, and genocide of black and brown people. Yes, white LGBT folks do owe reparations to black people by the way.

3. Pseudo-Social Media/YouTube Celebrities – There are a lot of pseudo-social media/YouTube celebrities that really don’t use social media as a tool to uplift and empower their people, they use it for their own self-serving and opportunistic gain.

Example – A black woman named Elexus Jionde who claims to be a “feminist” is an example a pseudo-social media celebrity who uses her “platform” she claims that’ll “educate and empower” the masses of our people actually exploits the poor and working class by pandering to them to fund her “platform” and when they ask her where most of the money went, they are deliberately kept in the dark about where most of that money went to, so that’s a form of social media opportunism rearing its ugly head.

The Conclusion – The point of this article is to inform you that those on social media and YouTube who claim to be about the “empowerment and upliftment” of our community are really modern day social media opportunists who truly care about exploiting the poor working class so they can line up their own pockets.

Staff Writer; Kwame Shakir (aka Joe D.)

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