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HBCU Students Using TED Talks Overcoming Challenges.

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( The students of Edward Waters College participated in hands-on project based lessons in Educational Technology, Social Media and STEM that encouraged digital interaction and engagement. Students in the EDU 250 course are involved in transitional lessons from teacher lead instruction to student lead instruction where the students manage the instruction.
Providing an opportunity for students to take the leadership role to provide most of the instruction in the classroom. Addressing the dynamics of presentation skills, open discussion and even interactive engaged presentations where the teaching is conducted by students.

Several online projects are based on TEDTALKS and the local involved TEDx presentations like those at Florida State College Jacksonville TEDxFSCJ.

TedTalk for Systems of Adversity: for the love of teaching | Rusul Alrubail | TEDxKitchenerED

was a project designed to allow Edward Waters College students to listen to the journey of Rusul Alrubail, digest her journey and apply to their challenges in a way to see how far they have come with determination, force of will and faith. Looking back on the obstacles and challenges overcome builds self-determination and a reliance on personal abilities, trial and error in the journey of life.

During these presentations as the instructor, I encouraged the students to apply and think how they can encourage others to overcome the challenge(s) that they face and what can they teach
others about overcoming the challenges faced from day to day.

Youth, teens and young adults need to see others over-coming challenges in life to model for each other. This is why HBCUs like Edward Waters College are so vital to the communities they are in because they provide a ray of hope, a light out of the darkness of poverty and other social challenges that students face day to day.

There are many issues that are faced, how to find the will and determination to overcome and press on was shared by dynamically applying the lessons learned from Rusul Alrubail.

EWC students in Educational Technology, Social Media and STEM are learning skills they can apply to real life and be relevant and real.

Tools like TedTalks and Tedx are important when applied to learning and the development of Tiger Talks for Edward Water College students specifically that was designed by Prof. William Jackson and Ms. Emma Kent of the library services.

Allowing student the opportunity to teach builds leadership skills, collaboration opportunities and the integration of skill sets that will be needed in life and careers.

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