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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Xbox One X: Microsoft Has Nothing to Justify the $499 Price Tag.

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( Microsoft at E3 2017 announced Xbox One X gaming console, previously known as Xbox One Scorpio and Project Scorpio. The hardware will arrive on November 7 this year and will require you to shell out US$499 for 4K gaming experience. Microsoft’s Phil Spencer kept stressing how the new console is 40 percent more powerful than the currently available consoles, PS4 Pro, of course. But it seems that Microsoft does not have anything concrete to justify buying One X.

Xbox One X Is For Loyal Hardcore Gamers

Only those who prefer premium gaming experience will go for the One X it seems. Those who simply love gaming and don’t go into too much details will not care comparing the checkboard 4K on PS4 and true 4K on the One X.

The company will probably find it really hard to market the console because it is developed for a very specific niche. The console is for loyal Xbox fans, but that is also not a big number to feel very confident about. Even after having a huge customer base, Sony struggled so hard to convince people to try PSVR. Although, both the products are different, but convincing existing user base to upgrade to a new system or adopt an expensive change is not so easy these days.

Where’s The Exclusive Content?

Believe it or not, Microsoft simply doesn’t have enough exclusive games for Xbox One X to convince gamers. Players will remain unconvinced that the announced games for the console are not enough for this year. Hardcore gamers, who are apparently the most suitable adopters of this console will find it hard to pick it when it launches in November.

Microsoft’s Spencer said in an interview that the company has signed some things, but he didn’t reveal anything specific, and even Spencer also admitted that the lineup of games for the One X is weak as the company was majorly focusing on the hardware.

Buying a PS4 Pro or building a PC is far cheaper

So, when there are no attractive Xbox One X exclusive games shown by the company, a majority of gamers will probably choose PS4 Pro that supports 4K, and is available at a lower price tag. In fact, those who do not wish to go the console way can even build a decent gaming PC for less than US$500. There seems no point in investing this much money on a new console.

As far as the games are concerned, there seems no way game developers will go to dramatically change the quality of graphics between the two consoles. And those who have 4K TV set and a powerful PC, why would they want to invest in something like Microsoft’s new console?

Not Everyone Has a 4K TV

The growth of 4K TV shipments is not so good. By the end of 2017, the rate of 4K TV shipments penetration is expected to reach 28.8 percent on a global level. It clearly shows that Microsoft’s One X may suffer badly because the adoption of 4K technology is not so fast and there is obviously no point in buying a 4K ready console unless you have a 4K TV because the same content that too in the same display quality can be played on non-4K TV sets through PS4 and Xbox One as well. The market is too narrow and Microsoft will probably want to bundle their new console with a 4K TV. Sounds weird, but who knows what future holds.

Sony Can Destroy the Xbox One X In Seconds

With just a single move, Sony can easily destroy Microsoft’s new console and Microsoft won’t be able to do anything. So, what’s that move? Sony can reduce the price of its PS4 Pro later this year.

We were expecting the company to announce a sudden price cut to cause a damage to its rival Microsoft, but the company didn’t do so at E3 this year. But now when Microsoft has scheduled the console’s release for November, there are chances that Sony will utilize its hardcore marketing skills during the Black Friday deals just before the holiday, and slash the PS4 Pro price tag.

Staff Writer; Corey Shaw

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5 Responses to “Xbox One X: Microsoft Has Nothing to Justify the $499 Price Tag.”
  1. jimmy says:

    Is this a satirical website or is it pretty ill informed? You can not build a PC for the same money and get these specs, it’s been proven. If anything Microsoft are doing themselves a disservice at the retail pricing. The Xbox one was pretty much the same price on Day One!

  2. Alex says:

    You all are missing out if you haven’t tried 4k games especially with hdr, it’s night and day different. Microsoft will crush Sony like always. Their new console has insane specs and 40% faster than any other console out. Plus all games and accessories are backwards compatible with the new Xbox One X. Worth every penny in my opinion.

  3. Kreytos says:

    Not sure why everyone is confused. They released the Elite controller at $150, which I bought, and they were happy with tne results. They are releasing the X knowing the S will still be their biggest seller, but they want to cater to people like myself who purchase premium profucys

  4. Daniel Hynick says:

    I disagree…499 dollars for a more powerful console over the Pro that has a 4K Blu Ray drive and can capture video in 4K at 60fps is worth the extra 100 dollars. Yes they have a lack of exclusives right now but Phil Spencer knows this and has stated his focus now is on new IP.

  5. Derrick Jacobs says:

    I have to agree with you. No matter what most gamers will stay loyal to Sony. Playstation 4 is still is king. Microsoft may want to move on to something else, I wouldn’t upgrade to an Xbox One X just for a 4k experience.

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