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Sunday, September 15, 2019

Dr. Umar Johnson – Pioneer or Scam Artist?

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(ThyBlackMan.com) He is an author, speaker, psychologist, educator and promoter of his pan African ideology and school for boys. Dr. Johnson appears to have a total of 6 undergraduate and post graduate degrees. He does talk a good game until you ask him why his Frederick Douglass / Marcus Garvey school is taking so long, where the money he collected is going or why he can’t even seem to get a federal non-profit tax exempt status. He is none other than Dr. Umar Johnson. But is he a pioneer and visionary or a dreamer and scam artist? His approach is certainly an abrasive tone that uses negative reinforcement to challenge African Americans to step up. But when he is held to the same standard, his responses are generally animosity and excuses. That is sad, especially when so much of what he says can be verified to be true. Dr. Johnson and donations:

Recently Rashad Richey, a talk show host on WAOK in Atlanta, did an interview on radio with Dr. Johnson. Richey who promotes himself as “the realist man in talk radio” is more of a “Cointel Pro” opportunist and pseudo-journalist with little real background who promotes himself as a self-proclaimed speaker when he really does not have much to say unless he had borrowed, repeated and repackaged it from elsewhere. Thus it is not surprising that Richey would offer up his audience to Umar Johnson. Birds of a feather… And how can Umar Johnson be an example for boys when he sleeps with strippers, discards them and then sets a climate where his followers attack them? Dr. Johnson you were not calling the woman a maggot when you were in bed with her 3 times, were you?

Umar Johnson seems to have a negative and confrontational character which he himself excuses by hiding behind the fact that people question his credentials. He constantly over-talks people and goes on the defensive. He asks us for money but then says “trifling ass black people and I don’t care if you get offended. We can handle that outside”. This is neither the temperament nor professionalism needed to lead young African American boys. If he is a self-proclaimed leader, other than talking online or getting paid to speak, where is he in the field with places like Ferguson and issues like voter fraud or police brutality?

A real leader is present even when there is not a check with his name on it Dr. Johnson.

As an African American author, educator, professional speaker, former detective, senior legal analyst and deprogrammer, I want to believe Umar Johnson is honest, sincere and legitimate. But I do not blindly accept anything, regardless of color or how well the person speaks. And nor should you. I also acknowledge that there are many gifted people who change lives even though they never went to college – and that’s OK. Some of the strongest African American heroes were behind the scenes. And yes I am very familiar with the practice of character assassination. But that is not what this article is about.

Listen for yourself to Dr. Johnson as he tries to escape the fact that the State Board of Psychology where he says he practices has no record of him.

He becomes defensive and wants the community to ignore his credentials, yet these are the same credentials he uses to promote himself as having a Ph.D. Why become defensive when people are simply trying to understand who you are? Hypocritically Umar Johnson wants to screen everybody else hard but gets defensive when it happens to him.

So here we are years later and several people have donated money to the school Dr. Umar Johnson said he would start. But where is it and what is it doing now? Talk is one thing but when we look at the facts, the numbers and the results, they simply are not there. When confronted a while ago on radio politely by a guest calling about the money he has collected and the issue of accountability, Dr. Johnson became defensive and negative while another talk show host attempted to defame and disconnect the caller from the air. What are you hiding Dr. Johnson?

Umar Johnson has asked our people for millions of dollars. But where is the business plan? Where is the money going that has been collected so far? Dr. Umar Johnson where are your qualified staffing choices since you have not had any noted experience in starting and overseeing such an institution? Why haven’t you gotten your nonprofit status after years of applying? Why haven’t you placed the school under another nonprofit umbrella until you get yours? Something is not right here and fast talking, insults against your people, blaming the white man and excuses are just the tip of the iceberg.

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw


5 Responses to “Dr. Umar Johnson – Pioneer or Scam Artist?”
  1. Its 2019 and guess what after 12 years of renegging on real estate deals he has a school in Delaware. Its near 12 EPA brown wastefields, numerous pedophiles nearby, and needs hundreds of thousands in renovations. There is also no proof he owns it, nor is it registered with the state. He did this because GoFundMe and others are closing him in after his nonprofit was revoked….He also is on child support. In the words of Tariq Nasheed..”Umar Johnson big fat fuck nigga”. “Umar bitchmade johnson”

  2. Anne says:

    I totally agree with both Dov and Brad. It’s an act of self-negating and self-destructive stupidity to donate money on nothing but blind faith just because someone black is telling one what he or she wants to hear. When it comes to financial issues, critical thinking is of the utmost importance and it’s especially important for black folks when someone poses as a black leader. This occurs a lot with these jackleg preachers and he is no better than they are. But his dishonesty and lack of transparency are not his only problems. He is also misogynistic, with archaic ideas about the roles of women that date back to the 1950’s. He is also homophobic, with some truly bizarre views about how people become gay. His abrasive defensiveness when he’s questioned about his credentials or the money donated to him should be a huge red flag to any rational, thinking human being.

  3. Brad says:

    No Renee. The real problem is people like yourself can’t be objective and hold this ridiculous belief that we should not even question someone as far as their credentials or even intentions if they are black. The idea that we should just blindly accept anything we are told by this man, and just ignore anything that may be untrue or questionable. Implying that anyone who dares do so is “hating”. Questioning is not hate. It’s that type of mentality that actually allows for con men to exist and thrive. You allow them to operate unquestioned and unproven, and when they are forced to prove themselves you give them an escape by holding them up as some type of victim. As if asking questions is some how an attack on a person. If a man is upstanding and true to what he’s saying then answering any questions about their credintials should not be any problem at all. In fact if someone is who they say they are and on the level, they should welcome these questions. Since in the end it gives them the opportunity to prove that what they are saying and doing is real. To be bothered by these types of questions is suspect. Especially when if he were able to do so, it would only further help his cause.

  4. Renee says:

    First of all he is not a con person .you are the exact type of person Dr I’m at speaks of .He is tying to do some good and all you want to do is discredit him by saying he is not certifed? He cherry well is if you did your research. But I’m sure you did and that you do in fact know but you like to spread lies .what Dr I’m at does in his free time is none of your dam buisnes. So what if he had sex with a stripper ?? That’s personal sex life is not what is being discussed in his lectures or his schools .He has said that he does not want to take any loans or grants from the government. And that’s his choice his school his rules.and he also has the right to feel the way he does about African homosexuals. That is his right .and he was in the field for furgeson. But you already knew that .ur just a lying hate spreading jealous person .to think as a black woman you should be on his side .u are the reason why black people are in this state the hate you have for your own kind keeps them down when they try to rise .white people don’t have to sweat because black people like you are doing the work for them continuously .makes me sad to see how much black people will never change never stop hating never start trusting each other .things will never change untill we start to love each other first .stop black hate !!

  5. I am not black, nor am I white. I do not care if “Dr.” Johnson is black or green but I do care about stopping con men. I don’t know if he is legitimate or not but what I see is another person claiming a lot in order to collect a lot of money. Unfortunately, “christian” ministers are often specialist in this regard. If he is rightly trying to start a school or a nonprofit organization then he should accept and address questions about his credentials and intentions. He must understand that the more confrontation he gets, the less money he will collect. It’s a simple equation. If he is an actual doctor, then tell us where he got that degree. Simple. If his state professional licensing board does not say he is licensed, then he is not a psychologist, period. Let’s again get rid of the cons and get on track.Why give the opposition more ammunition? Dov

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