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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Black Lives Matter Nonsense in 2017.

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( Okay, so I am in Georgia with the Conservative Campaign Committee team working to defeat far-left-radical Democrat Jon Ossoff in the special election for the GOP congressional seat. Our CCC team was standing on a street corner waving “Defeat Ossoff” signs.

A black woman pedestrian approached one of our team members to say she likes Ossoff because he believes Black Lives Matter. She asked our white team member if he supports Black Lives Matter. Our guy politely replied that he believes all lives matter. The woman seemed okay with his response.

But folks, I have got to tell you, her questioning my patriot brother annoyed me. It is absurd to be running around in 2017 America polling about whether or not black lives matter. For crying out loud, a black guy ran our country for the past 8 years. Oprah is worth over a billion dollars and so on.

It is absurd to say Americans do not cherish blacks lives. And yet, this stupid divisive narrative continues to grow; watered, fertilized and nurtured by Democrats and the fake news media. Disgusting!

I am a black guy. But I hate the Left relentlessly slandering and beating up on my fellow Americans who are white. Beginning in kindergarten, poor white kids are being taught in government schools to hate themselves for being born white.

Folks, that is just plain nuts. When will parents begin saying no to these Government Leftist Indoctrination Camps disguised as public schools? Can you say “homeschooling” boys and girls?

The Black Lives Matter organization is a bunch of lawless, evil, racist and hate-generating scum, extremely bad for America. They must be defeated rather than pandered to Mr Ossoff.

Remember the kids song from Sunday School, “Red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in his sight.”? In other words, God says all lives matter. I say, “Amen!”

Staff Writer; Lloyd Marcus

Chairman of The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama.

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Lloyd is singer/songwriter of the American Tea Party Anthem and author of Confessions of a Black Conservative, foreword by Michele Malkin.


2 Responses to “Black Lives Matter Nonsense in 2017.”
  1. ampdefy says:

    When was the last time you looked in the mirror BROTHA, obvious the the Tea Party dont like the looks of someone who looks like you, The so-called conservative party hate anything to do with anyone who favors Black Pride and respect, obvious you bought into that line the celebrity in chief calls “fake news” when it has to do with the respect and rights of Black Americans. We are constantly reminded every week in the news by the Disrepect of Black Lives and here you go dogging out the Black Lives Matter movement, With no proof of the what the hell you are talking about Just last week we see yet more cellphone videos of our Black Men being Abused By the So called Police who swore to “Protect and Serve”. Snap out of it Bro, Regardless of how much they are paying you to spread these lies!

  2. Robin Smith says:

    You are SO NOT a black man. Every one of your words dripped with racism. I can smell your fear from here. Keep flying your confed, loser flag so we will all know where you live when the time comes. You’re a home schooled, 5th grade dropout who is so fearful of anyone that has self value, self respect & education, you pee in your skirt when confronted.
    At least you won’t be here for long. Your diabetes, obesity or heroin addiction will kill you soon enough. You should be cremated so to leave a plot for someone who will be visited after death.

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