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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Was President Obama the Anti-Christ?

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Now that former President Barack Obama and his family have left the White House, the question must be asked, ‘ Was Barack Obama the worst thing to happen to The United States of America?’

Let’s be honest. Someone needs to pose this question to American society.
Has anyone in the world ever seen America so sad and its people so emotionally broken? Have Americans ever been this desecrate to be heard and at the brink of giving up on themselves and their country…all while under the leadership of Barack Obama?
Sure, everyone is going out of their way to protest Donald Trump’s presidency, but Americans have also went out of their way, while Obama, the supposed agent for positive change has been in office, to divide this country and break it down to the point that it’s possibly irreparable.
It seems that Americans just decided to go along to get along, but at what cost? Has this country has been taken over by dark forces and spiritual rape like I’ve never felt in this lifetime than when governed by #44?
Integrity,maturity and other virtues that America has been known for have seened to have disintegrated and replaced by childish behavior from adults and overt sexuality, that even I refused to go along with.
Obama was the most liked President in our lifetime, and he loved to be an entertainer and look cool in front of the camera, which somehow made Americans loverlook the heartache and pain they endured on a daily basis, bringing us to the brink of insanity, nearly.
America should have caught a clue when we heard that he and his wife lived in Chicago, a city that just can’t seem to stop shedding its citizens blood. Chicago has evil in it, and it just can’t seem to find a light in the darkness, and it looks like it’s even void of God and His love. We, as Americans, now know what Satan feels like, through forcibly being de-individualized, forced to deal with dark, negative sexual energy, and not having emotional support through it all. Even our cries were met with laughter.
People with this type of energy in their Spirit were in the White House for eight years.
How did America’s collective need for change only turn into abject division among the races and genders while he was in office?
I’m asking questions because I figure they’d be thought provoking.
All of the regression we experienced while he was our President (who represented people with his skin tone, who are known to enable ignorance and dysfunction) was, in my opinion, a direct reflection of the atmosphere of those in the White House. Were they morally poor people who wanted power and control over people, and refused emotional support to their citizens?
America is spiritually and emotionally broken after is time in office and this post is something to ponder, so you can heal yourself.
If in fact, Obama was the worst thing to happen to the USA, then Americans should applaud themselves for staying strong spiritually and begin healing…together.
Maybe we could see Trump in a new light and see him as a new beginning, instead of more of the same divion and regression. it’s time to heal and move forward after what seemed like Satan and his spawns were in the nation’s capitol.
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8 Responses to “Was President Obama the Anti-Christ?”
  1. Eric Hillier says:

    It took 200 yrs to rack up 10 trillion dollars in debt. In only 8 years, Obama doubled it. If you couple that with his destruction of the last 2 secular gets in the middle east, Lybia and Syria, he has to be ranked the WORST of the presidents ever. He wants an Islamic caliphate in the middle east. Obama was the most Anti Semitic and Christian hating president ever. a complete disgrace, and yes he will run for the head of the UN or the EU. he certainly could be the Antichrist and rule at the time of the pope creating chrislam.

  2. Stephen says:

    Obama is not president any longer, but he’d like to be. He gave some of americas power and sovereignty over to the u.n. Why?

    Because he is planning to become head of the u.n.


  3. Marque Anthony says:

    The author of this article is biased and dumb as a rock. Look at the facts, not just lies which Trump calls “alternative facts”.

  4. Joshua says:


    You are an idiot without facts. Obama did quite a bit for America including 75 straight months of job growth, pulling us out of a recession, bringing troops home from a war in Iraq that was a lie from the beginning, helping the housing industry recover, helping the auto and banking industries recover and more. You need to do some real research instead of just listening to Lying FOX News.

    Obama was not perfect but 20 million more people have healthcare and his approval rating leaving office was one of the highest in modern history. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT. You lack balance.

    I have a list of his accomplishments and failures. Learn balance in your writing and honesty

  5. Joshua says:

    Obviously he was not or he would still be in power. He would also have brokered a 7 year peace treaty with Israel, but he didn’t. People who lack an understanding of the Bible are always making false predictions.

  6. DR KING warned us before he departed not to turn the CHURCH’S into social clubs, well we did even worse we turned them into whorehouses, the fatal and stupid mistake the black church made was allowing itself to become a appendage of the DEMOCRATIC party, something only fools will do because you can’t determine what a political party’s agenda will be from one day to the next.

    YOU should always maintain your distance from politicians and political party’s in case they go against your religious and moral teachings other wise you may end up voting against the GOD you represent.

    IF you look at black AMERICA’S political allies you’ll see they’re all in a running battle with GOD , the abortionist , the homosexuals and the JEWS they all hate JESUS!

    THE black CHURCH is a dead and defeated CHURCH and if JESUS were to return tonight he would find the black CHRISTIANS ready to fight against him.

    HE told us the journey was long and dangerous and that he had enemies and he even gave us their names , he told us they would attack us for no other reason than our ancestors chose to walk with him and yet we were still defeated.

    OBAMA was a administrator in a SATANIC world system that now calls itself the NEW WORLD ORDER, all this is in your BIBLE you just didn’t have the tools to retrieve the knowledge!

    IT’S impossible for GOD to lie my people!

  7. rasil says:

    You have got to be the biggest and dumbest “COON” on this planet. Obviously, you know nothing about AntiChrist, when he is to appear, where he is to appear nor his characteristics. You know nothing about prophecy. Filled with self hate, ignorance and delusion. Nothing about YOU reflects the character of a Believer, which you can not possibly be. How much does Watkins pay you to slander President Obama? You should be ashamed to sign your name to such an uninformed, biblically unbased commentary. It’s Blacks like YOU who are under Great Deception and DELUSION. First of all Antichrist can be either an evil alliance or sinister individual. Holy Scripture states that he is alive TODAY. You obviously do not understand last-day events until you understand this evil powwer. Daniel Chapter 7, clearly and unmistakably identifies the Antichrist. Some of his activities have world wide impact. You need to pray for The Most High’s guidance as you research this urgent subject. There are 4 world kingdoms..the lion,,the bear, a leopard, and a monster. You do the research. For your information, the antichrist is not President Obama; it is the papacy. Do you know what the papacy is? The pope office is its representative. The prophecy of daniel is not saying that popes are evil. The system, however, is called Antichrist bc it has usurped Messiah’s authority and attempted and in many cases changed His law. “Anti”, in this case means “in place of”, or “instead of”. Antichrist is guilty of assuming the perogatives of The Most High. Apparently not, since you claim that President Obama is Antichrist. Daniel’s prophecy is aimed at a system, not individuals or a PERSON. You and many ill informed Christians have been tragically misinformed regarding Antichrist. You are so lost, that it is pathetic!

  8. Carl Kenton says:

    Where does your hate come from? The anti Christ? Really? A man who stayed married to his family setting a good example for all Americans. A man who expanded access to health care for over 20 million which reduced suffering and cured disease for many– oh and by the way, the folks who benefited from this were mostly poor– the folks Jesus supported. A man who toiled to reduce war while keeping us safe. Sure we are divided by race and gender and income and a million other things– your memory is short– remember the 60s? We were more divided then. Remember that God permits the devil and his angels to physically appear on Earth after a majority of the world has heard and rejected the truth about the worship God requires. Notice Paul’s words: “They [the majority of people] perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness.” (2 Thessalonians 2:10-12) It is so easy to look at the work of Mr. Obama and see he was no anti christ. It is also easy to look at your work and see the powerful delusion you have embraced. Your transportation to your eternal resting place will be soon upon you.

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