Was President Obama the Anti-Christ?

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Now that former President Barack Obama and his family have left the White House, the question must be asked, ‘ Was Barack Obama the worst thing to happen to The United States of America?’

Let’s be honest. Someone needs to pose this question to American society.
Has anyone in the world ever seen America so sad and its people so emotionally broken? Have Americans ever been this desecrate to be heard and at the brink of giving up on themselves and their country…all while under the leadership of Barack Obama?
Sure, everyone is going out of their way to protest Donald Trump’s presidency, but Americans have also went out of their way, while Obama, the supposed agent for positive change has been in office, to divide this country and break it down to the point that it’s possibly irreparable.
It seems that Americans just decided to go along to get along, but at what cost? Has this country has been taken over by dark forces and spiritual rape like I’ve never felt in this lifetime than when governed by #44?
Integrity,maturity and other virtues that America has been known for have seened to have disintegrated and replaced by childish behavior from adults and overt sexuality, that even I refused to go along with.
Obama was the most liked President in our lifetime, and he loved to be an entertainer and look cool in front of the camera, which somehow made Americans loverlook the heartache and pain they endured on a daily basis, bringing us to the brink of insanity, nearly.
America should have caught a clue when we heard that he and his wife lived in Chicago, a city that just can’t seem to stop shedding its citizens blood. Chicago has evil in it, and it just can’t seem to find a light in the darkness, and it looks like it’s even void of God and His love. We, as Americans, now know what Satan feels like, through forcibly being de-individualized, forced to deal with dark, negative sexual energy, and not having emotional support through it all. Even our cries were met with laughter.
People with this type of energy in their Spirit were in the White House for eight years.
How did America’s collective need for change only turn into abject division among the races and genders while he was in office?
I’m asking questions because I figure they’d be thought provoking.
All of the regression we experienced while he was our President (who represented people with his skin tone, who are known to enable ignorance and dysfunction) was, in my opinion, a direct reflection of the atmosphere of those in the White House. Were they morally poor people who wanted power and control over people, and refused emotional support to their citizens?
America is spiritually and emotionally broken after is time in office and this post is something to ponder, so you can heal yourself.
If in fact, Obama was the worst thing to happen to the USA, then Americans should applaud themselves for staying strong spiritually and begin healing…together.
Maybe we could see Trump in a new light and see him as a new beginning, instead of more of the same divion and regression. it’s time to heal and move forward after what seemed like Satan and his spawns were in the nation’s capitol.
Staff Writer; Celeste Writer
Official website; http://celestewriter.com/