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Thursday, December 13, 2018

The Downsides Of Young African Boys In America Not Having A Strong Father In The Home.

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( These days in our community, when you walk around the hood, you will see so many of our young African boys in this country growing up with single mothers and it’s egregious.

What pisses me off the most about this single mother epidemic that is currently happening in our community is that it’s being force fed down our minds & glorified through not only mainstream media, but also negropeans like Mona Scott and her garbage called “Trash & Hip-Hop“, but also urban feminists & bigoted liberals.

There are currently 72% of young African boys in this country that are living in single mother households and not only is that by systemic design, but also the lack of parental responsibility and immaturity on the part of a lot of brothers in our community.

I was also the product of the single mother epidemic when I was a kid because my biological father wasn’t around, not because he was in prison, but because he was a very irresponsible and immature man that couldn’t deal with the parental and personal responsibility of being active in my life.

It’s no secret that there has always been a systemic agenda to cripple our family structure in this country and for I would say at least the past few decades “The War On Drugs” and mass incarceration are the main systemic catalysts that has severely crippled our family structure.

Intro – Here are the downsides for young African boys in this country growing up without strong fathers in the home.

1. Criminal Activity – One of the biggest downsides of our young boys not having a strong father in the home is that they are more likely to engage in various forms of destructive behavior and criminal activity.

Example: Five of my six older brothers engaged in criminal activity when they were in their late teens/early twenties because they didn’t have a strong father in the home that could teach them the value and importance on how to be a strong masculine man as well as teaching them on how to also make smart decisions that could’ve helped them avoid getting caught up in the streets and the prison system.

2. Physical Violence – Another downside to our young boys not having a strong father in the home is that they are more vulnerable to being targets of physical abuse because it makes it much easier for The Eddie Longs of the world to do their sick dirty work without a strong father being around to protect them.

Also, a lot of them are also physically abused by their mother’s boyfriend in many cases which later causes not only psychological trauma and self-esteem issues, but also causes them to act very violent and hostile not only towards others in school, but anywhere in public that could lead them to prison.

3. Turning Into Something They’re Not – There are a lot of our young boys that are being raised by single moms actually are destroying their bodies by becoming something that they were never truly meant to be and that’s a real problem that needs to be addressed.

Example: If a young boy looks up to his single mother or a certain mainstream woman so much that he wants to be like her, in a lot of cases, he will degrade himself by taking hormones, needles, performing surgeries and all this other stuff that literally destroys the foundation of his masculinity by becoming a fraction of what he could’ve been.

The Conclusion – I am a firm believer that our young boys NEED a strong father figure that can not only guide them in a more positive direction, but also the value and importance of keeping their masculinity intact.

Staff Writer; Kwame Shakir (aka Joe D.)

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2 Responses to “The Downsides Of Young African Boys In America Not Having A Strong Father In The Home.”
  1. Kwame Shakir says:

    I greatly respect your view and yes we need strong father/strong male role models for our young boys to look up to and to guide them in a positive direction

  2. Douglas Loss says:

    Kwame, I don’t always agree with you, but what you’ve said here is totally correct. Every young boy needs a male adult role model in his life, to show him what it means to be a strong, honest, hard-working man in today’s world. Without it, he’ll go looking for some way to understand how to act in society, and will likely find his examples in the worst possible places. That’s why I push the Big Brothers and Foster Grandparents organizations–we may not be related to these kids, but we can still provide them with examples of how to be responsible adults.

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