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Friday, January 20, 2017

T. D. Jakes & Black Christian Leaders Join the Left in Branding Donald Trump America’s Hitler.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) It pains me to say this, but it was truly disappointing seeing Bishop T. D. Jakes on MSNBC helping to further the Left’s lie that the election of Trump is horrible for America. Jakes said, “We are dealing with shock, grief over election outcome.” http://on.msnbc.com/2eWdbhB

Clearly, T. D. Jakes was complicit in helping MSNBC undermine Trump’s presidency by branding him an evil racist and sexist. MSNBC which has no moral bottom wanted to send minorities the message that they should be fearful of Donald Trump and the angry white voters who elected him. These people are scum folks.

Several black Christian leaders have joined the Left in furthering the socialist/progressive agenda, allowing their mission to trumpdonald-trump2016 truth, facts and even Jesus. For crying out loud, when you research the term, “abuser of women” Hillary’s picture is there. http://bit.ly/2cQDYNI Her Democrat party has a long history of racism against blacks; the KKK, Jim Crow laws http://bit.ly/1OOjq4H, the bigotry of lowered expectations, planned parenthood founded for the purpose of black genocide http://www.blackgenocide.org/sanger.html and so on.

And yet, MSNBC, Oprah and other powerful blacks choose to ignore Hillary’s multiple crimes against women, blacks and America. Instead, these evil Leftists have launched an all out assault on Trump to convince minorities that white Americans just elected Hitler. http://bit.ly/2eQ2Whp

I remember my 88 year old preacher Dad saying to us as kids, “While you did not join the devil in committing sin, you held the devil’s coat.” Jakes’ language regarding the election of Trump is not as harsh as MSNBC and Oprah’s, but he is definitely holding their coats.

Publicly criticizing a man of God is awkward territory for me folks. 1 Chronicles 16:22 says, “Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm.” I believe Jakes is a man of God. Over the years, Bishop Jakes ministry has blessed me on numerous occasions.

Dishearteningly, T. D. Jakes’ behavior represents the baffling and disturbing disconnect I have seen in many black Christians between their politics and their faith. It appears that many black Christians have chosen the false gods of their racial bigotry and their loyalty to the Democrat Party over their commitment to Christ. I am not being provocative. I am simply stating the truth.

A black pastor’s wife relative of mine claims to be devout. And yet, her Christianity takes a backseat to Obama (his picture plastered all over her home) and her loyalty to the Democrat Party. How does she ignore Obama and the Democrats’ aggressive War on Christianity and anti-biblical platform?

Facts proving how Obama’s presidency and Democrat policies have harmed blacks only sparks outrage in her, seemingly to the point of wanting to kill the messenger. Her zombie loyalty is impenetrable. She voted for Hillary, ignoring the fact that Hillary would have led the charge to further ban God from the public square; murder more black babies and push through the anti-Christian LGBT agenda.

One could say, “This black pastor’s wife is simply a product of decades of the Left demonizing Republicans.” Fine. But, why is her mind so closed to hearing the truth? I am not one to run around talking about spiritual possession. Still, I wonder. Is there a spirit of stupidity? Just kidding.

My black pastor’s wife relative is a brain-dead racist fool. However, high profile black Christians such as T. D. Jakes and Tyler Perry, who should know better, are Hillary supporters/democrat operatives. They have even adjusted their views to line up with the Democrats’ anti-biblical take on various issues. Tyler Perry joined the Left in calling Georgians bigots for not wanting men to use women restrooms. http://bit.ly/2eIVem5

I heard an old Jakes sermon in which he preached against what he called, “the spirit of lesbianism”. Now, Jakes is furthering the democrat’s narrative that gays are among the victimized groups threatened by Trump’s presidency.

As I said, it appears that some black Christians have decided that the Democrat Party’s platform trumps Jesus’ platform.

Not all black Christian leaders worship on bended knee to the false gods of their racial bigotry and loyalty to the Democrat Party. Though attacked as traitors and Uncle Toms, thank God that there are black pastors who stand on the word of God. They encourage blacks to vote for candidates who line-up most with biblical principles; Pastor Mark Burns, Pastor Darrell Scott, Pastor Jesse Lee Peterson and Bishop E. W. Jackson to name a few. http://bit.ly/2e9o12J

I don’t know folks. It is all so sad. All I know to do is to pray for Jakes, my black pastor’s wife relative and other black Christians to abandon their blasphemous loyalty to skin-color and the democrats and return to their first love, Jesus Christ.

Staff Writer; Lloyd Marcus

Chairman of The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama.

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Lloyd is singer/songwriter of the American Tea Party Anthem and author of Confessions of a Black Conservative, foreword by Michele Malkin.

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5 Responses to “T. D. Jakes & Black Christian Leaders Join the Left in Branding Donald Trump America’s Hitler.”
  1. Jobn says:

    Saying that a judge may be biased because he is all the same race that could be true. There’s a lot of blacks that feel the same way that a white judge may be biased against them if it was a discrimination case. So I don’t buy it

  2. Marque Anthony says:

    To Speakout,

    Don’t divert the issue from Trump and who he really is. Whether Perry (emasculated black sell out) or Jakes (more like the world than godly) are Illuminati does not change who trump is and the similarities between Trump and Hitler should not be ignored.

    Speaking the truth that you refuse to see or accept does not mean someone is joining the left. You lack honest balance. Everything is not left or right, republican or democrat.

    Look at Trump’s biggest supporters – racists like Steve Bannon and the KKK. Ironically, Trump is German on his grandfather’s side and Reince is too. Then Bannon is a racist antisemetic for neo-nazis etc. Wake up.

  3. speakout says:

    here we go again, td jakes and tyler perry are the illuminati in the church. |||||||||||||\Trump is slowing dwn their utopia and like brexit, it means the mob cannot be shackled yet.

    black people are suffering from the democrats voodooo, look at the clintons history, they played a big part in the drugs wars, which meant black people were jailed a lot.

    Trump is going to disatle some of the bad things Obama was hired to do. like give us a world government by signing up for global warming agreements. black leaders are selling us all out, we cannot listen to them.

  4. Amber says:

    I don’t think that T.D. Jakes is supporting the left agenda. He did state along the lines of it doesn’t matter who is in the White House, that person can’t fix things. But if you show me finite proof that he is “Branding Trump as America’s Hitler”, I may see things differently. I am a Christian who is not a Hillary supporter. I appreciate your article. In my opinion, it may be reaching a bit. We have to pray more and seek God’s guidance and wisdom, before throwing stones. I know, I am guilty as well. We all are. Continue to pray for people, pray for God’s understanding, and for T.D. Jakes or other people that seem to be misleading.

    Thank you,


  5. Marque Anthony says:

    To The Author,

    Trump’s own words and actions have branded him. But every time someone points that out, you Trump zombies want to blame the mailman. Trump was sued by the justice dept twice for discriminating against blacks on his properties. Trump used undocumented workers. Trump made racist comments against a Hispanic judge and against latinos in general. Where have you been?

    I am an published author and this week I will be releasing an article on this site that proves Trump’s similarities to Hitler. BTW, no I am not a democrat. But to the author, stop overlooking the proof and open your eyes.

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