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A Few Reasons Why Black People Should Visit Mumbai.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) As we already mentioned in our previous articles, black people travel the world and there is no reason why any black person should miss an opportunity for an adventure like this. If you have a passport you can travel anywhere you want and one of the places that have grabbed the attention of black tourists (as a matter of fact, the attention of all tourists) is Mumbai.

Things to see and do in Mumbai

The biggest city in India offers a myriad of leisure and entertainment options for every visitor. Once known as Bombay, Mumbai is the perfect destination for people looking for unique attractions and things to do. When it comes to sightseeing, experts agree that this activity should start at the Gateway of India. This is by far, the most visited attraction in India. It represents a large gate in the shape of an arch made of stone.

Furthermore, it is good to know that Mumbai is home to many beautiful beaches. Juhu Beach is probably the most popular one, but there are a few others worth visiting if you love beaches. Juhu Beach provides access to the warm Arabian Sea and it is part of the most 2016mumbai-beachesexclusive district in Mumbai. Many people from the region are traveling to Mumbai to visit this beach so it is no surprise why there are cheap flights, like Dubai to Mumbai flight, all the time.

If you are visiting Mumbai with your family, you should travel to Essel World. This is a popular amusement park where you can enjoy dozens of games, rides, and other activities. If you are a fan of movies and TV shows, visit Bollywood. There are several tours focused on this film city known as Indian Hollywood.

There are many interesting attractions around this city too. For instance, you can spend a day to visit Elephanta Caves, Bassein, and Matheran. Mumbai is close to some smaller cities that are interesting too like Aurangabad, Surat, and Pune.

Those who are fond of shopping will be impressed by the shopping opportunities Mumbai provides. People can buy goods from popular brands if they use some of the numerous shopping malls. Of course, what is even more interesting is the roadside shopping experience. These special markets are found everywhere. You can find many new and old things worth buying in roadside shops like Phule, Colaba, and Chor Bazaar. Roadside shopping often means bargaining which many people find attractive.

If you want to relax and enjoy nature, our recommendation is to visit the Powai Lake. Both local and international tourists use it to explore the nature in Mumbai. But, keep in mind that swimming is not allowed in this lake because there are crocodiles in it.

Mumbai is a city that has dozens of galleries and museums, so art lovers won’t be disappointed either. One of the most famous museums is the Prince of Wales Museum where many famous paintings are exhibited on a regular basis.

If you are traveling to Mumbai with your partner or friends, you should know that Mumbai has a very vibrant nightlife too. J49, Polly Esther’s, Enigma, Hawaiian Shack, Hard Rock Café, Insomnia and Firangi Paaniu are some of the most popular nightclubs and bars found in Mumbai.

We hope that this guide will help you have a great time in Mumbai.

Staff Writer; Peter Short

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