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Why Are Men More Likely To Drink & Drive Than Women?

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( It’s no secret that in most cases, women aren’t able to drink as much as men and drive safely. This is because, as a rule of thumb, women tend to have higher levels of body fat, which means that it takes longer for alcohol to leave their bodies. This means a woman drinking the same amount as a man, would, most likely, have a higher blood alcohol level.

So why then, is it mostly men who get caught drink driving and not women? Statistics have shown that 80% of drink driving cases in the US are caused by men, with just 20% being down to their female counterparts. The question is, why is this the case – what is it that’s causing men to drink and drive more commonly than women?

What do the statistics say?

A recent study has shown that 27% of men have admitted to drink driving at one time or another, compared to just ten percent of women. The same study showed that 11% of men also believe that they’re still safe to drive after three drinks. While just one percent of women agreed with this. It was also found that 36% of men have driven the morning after drinking heavily, despite believing that they were still over the limit.

These statistics show that compared to women, men tend to be more reckless when it comes to drink driving. They tend to underestimate the amount of alcohol that has an impact on them and their bodies. It also shows that when it comes to how much they will drink and drive believing that they are safe to do so, they overestimate.

What causes men to get behind the wheel when drunk?

It can be hard to pinpoint what causes people to get behind the wheel when drunk. Often, it’s simply down to circumstances, such as not having the money for a taxi, for instance. However, for men who drink and drive on a regular basis, it’s a premeditated decision. They know how much they can drink and “safely” drive home without getting pulled over. These are the men that drink drive on a regular basis. It’s almost become second nature to them.

Studies have shown that the most common causes of drinking and driving are varied. These include not having money for a cab, feeling pressured by others, and believing that it will be fine as it’s just a short distance home. These are just a few of the reasons that men tend to drunk drive; there are also plenty of others. The reason behind the offence all depends on what the circumstances are.

What are the implications?

The implications of driving while drunk can be minor or severe, depending on what happens while driving. Say, for example; you were caught driving under the influence by the police. You would spend a night in the cells and require the help of the number one DUI attorney in your area. However, if you were to cause a road traffic accident while driving and kill someone, you could spend the rest of your life behind bars.

The truth is, the implications of driving while under the influence are varied. It all depends on what happens while you’re driving, as well as how over the limit you are. The more damage you cause while driving, the worse the implications will be.

It’s hard to say exactly why men are more likely to drunk drive. It tends to be because a lot of men have the incorrect idea that because they’re bigger than women, they can drink more and still be safe to drive.

Staff Writer; Terry Payne

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