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Boycott All Johnson and Johnson Products.

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( You are about to read about a danger and a task that may seem next to impossible but necessary. Wow it is even worse when our own people do it to us. Recently is was discovered that Johnson and Johnson has been found liable in a lawsuit which states Johnson and Johnson knowingly ignored research and continued to sell products that cause cancer. It appears they knew about the cancer-causing agents for decades but sold their products specifically in the African American community anyway, sources report.

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I have to say i am dismayed but not surprised. The sad part of the story is that many of our people will dismiss the facts and this article00124johnson-products while they continue to use and promote Johnson and Johnson products, regardless of the health consequences. We have to wake up from ignorance, self-sabotage and the very habits and beliefs that are destroying us.

Too many of our people have their heads in the sands of denial. They want to ignore the all the medical research on the dangers of recreational marijuana simply because they want to smoke it. But every medical doctor, health department, the CDC, the World Health Organization, addiction counselors and the entire healthcare industry knows the truth. Now the Zika Virus has been classified by the CDC as an STD and it is not slowing down the promiscuity in the African American community one bit. Wake up people. Denial is deadly.

Johnson and Johnson makes products for skin care, women’s health care, wound care, baby care and oral care, to name a few. HOW DARE THEY put our children and families at risk?                                  


Cancer seems to be popping up everywhere. The medical industry knows where it is coming from and they are not trying to cure it. We are going to Mars in 5 years, we have probes around Pluto, we can clone animals and food (and probably humans). They have mapped out the entire human genome. You can select the sex of your child. But they cannot cure cancer? They are lying and/or not trying. Cancer treatment makes money for the medical and pharmaceutical industries and cancer treatments often kill the patient. Yet people go on blindly trusting doctors and oncologists day after day.

Johnson & Johnson makes so many things that it will be hard to BOYCOTT THEM, but if you want to live, you will make a list and do it. We cannot take that chance on what else they have once we know.

The various manufacturer deodorants, toothpaste, hair care products, make-ups and powders you use are accumulating in the body to cause cancer. Yet most people never even read the back of the bottle or know the affects of the chemicals going into your body. Shame on you. But you best believe that the doctor and the pharmacist know the danger and toxic nature of the chemicals, even in the medications they prescribe. The “side affects” are because the chemicals are not natural and your body is rejecting what would damage it. Yet too many of us go right on blindly using medications and hoping for the best.

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The growth hormones in our foods, the genetically modified organisms, the pesticides and insecticide sprays, the wood pulp and the other artificial chemicals with long names that we do not know are killing us. But we won’t cook because it’s easier to buy fast food, processed food and take the easy way out. We won’t do the research on what we are eating because we would rather watch the game, listen to Beyonce or have our cigarettes and “weed”. We use our computers more for Facebook than we do as information sources that could save our lives. This has to stop unless we want to destroy ourselves.

So now you know and if you do not believe me, do your own research and see for yourself. The agency I represent, as of February 25, 2016, has called for a BOYCOTT OF ALL JOHNSON AND JOHNSON PRODUCTS to begin immediately. Are you willing to sacrifice the products or sacrifice your life?

Johnson and Johnson is prepared to lie their way out of this so be prepared.                                        


Once a company has betrayed the public trust and the trust of their own people, they cannot be trusted again to do the right thing. What else has Johnson & Johnson known for decades and kept a secret in order to make a project? Wow, anything for a dollar, even the deaths of our own people. That amplifies the words “SELL OUT”.

Share this article with everyone you know. Research the facts for yourself. Join the boycott. Stop using the products. Call Johnson & Johnson. But do something other than sticking your head in the sand. We seem to rise up when people of a different color shoot down one of ours in the streets. So what will you do when our own have betrayed us and placed our lives at risk? Let’s see if “black lives matter” now.

Staff Writer; Marque-Anthony

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