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Blacks Programming African Americans.

January 28, 2016 by  
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Tweet ( Be very careful who you allow to program your thinking and shape your perceptions. Clearly a ton of slave programming infected the African American community and those mental chains still exists today. They can be seen in “black on black” crime, in our poor role models, in negative and obscene music, in our unwillingness... [Read more...]

Are Black Conservatives Required To Hate Malcolm X?

January 27, 2016 by  
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Tweet ( The Daily Caller recently posted an article attacking the conservative bona fides of Trump campaign national spokesperson, Katrina Pierson. They identified certain tweets from years past, especially ones supporting slain human rights hero Malcolm X. Occasionally, Black conservatives who voice admiration are demonized by peers... [Read more...]

Black People: The Demand for Villains.

January 27, 2016 by  
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Tweet ( The latest tempest in a teapot controversy is over a lack of black nominees for this year’s Academy Awards in Hollywood. The assumption seems to be that different groups would be proportionally represented if somebody were not doing somebody else wrong. That assumption carries great weight in far more important things... [Read more...]

The Democrat’s Worst Nightmare is that Bernie’s Supporters won’t Back Hillary Clinton.

January 27, 2016 by  
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Tweet ( The constant nightmare among both Democratic Party leaders and Hillary Clinton campaign boosters is that a significant number of Democratic presidential rival Bernie Sanders’ backers will sleep in on Election Day. A recent CBS/New York Times poll didn’t do much to dry the nervous sweat over this prospect. It found that fourteen... [Read more...]

Harriet Stephens on the US Army is a skilled professional who serves many roles.

January 27, 2016 by  
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Tweet ( Part of the HQDA staff at the US Army, Harriet Stephens serves the important role of being an associate chief information officer of the G-6 division of the military. A skilled professional with great work ethics and a team player, Harriet Stephens has been part of the US Army since 2007, when she first joined the army as a staff... [Read more...]

By the Beach: Driving an Off-Road Vehicle in the Sand.

January 27, 2016 by  
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Tweet ( Off-roading isn’t always about driving over rocky terrain or ice. It can also be about heading out to the beach and having your off-road or devour mile upon mile of pristine sands. It’s important to remember, though, that while driving on the edge of the water is usually easy (because the water compacts the sand),... [Read more...]

Is Sen. Ted Cruz the Answer?

January 26, 2016 by  
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Tweet ( Folks, my political activism is not rooted in winning elections at all cost. It is about preserving who I grew up thinking we were as a country; my corny love for my country, belief that good triumphs over evil and my sense of right and wrong. I know. I know. I sound like a bad Frank Capra movie. However, I will not apologize... [Read more...]

When Employees Don’t Get Along, Blame Ol Leadership.

January 26, 2016 by  
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Tweet ( I have a friend who recently started working at a new place. After she’d been there a few weeks I asked her how she liked the new job. She said she was struggling because of the overall demeanor of the people who worked in her department. They were always talking nasty to each other, very little courtesy, and when those particular... [Read more...]

Thy Economics of Water.

January 26, 2016 by  
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Tweet ( “Water, water, everywhere, and not a drop to drink.” Rime of the Ancient Mariner, by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. I can hear the backroom discussion now. “We can save money if we stop taking our drinking water from Lake Huron and start using water from the Flint River instead.” Those may not be the exact words, but the... [Read more...]

Five Action Steps to a Healthy Black America.

January 26, 2016 by  
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Tweet ( There is a crisis of health in black America. Don’t believe me? Interview one person from virtually every black home in America. Someone’s parent, grandparent, sibling or extended family member has succumbed to one of the three big killers of black lives: heart disease, diabetes and cancer. The numbers for heart disease alone... [Read more...]

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