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Hitting the Slopes: Renting Skis and Snowboards at Whistler Blackcomb.

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(  Many people head to the slopes at Whistler-Blackcomb for a day filled of skiing or snowboarding.  However, not all skiers and boarders take their equipment with them.  Some are wary about equipment getting damaged en route while others don’t feel like paying the added fees associated to traveling to and from with gear.

Read the following tips associated to renting equipment to make the process faster and easier.

Early Bird

Some rise at dawn ready for a full day of skiing or boarding, yet depending on how many people have the same idea, it can get incredibly crowded at the rental office.  However, you can escape the early-morning crowd by grabbing equipment the day before.  Head to the Whistler-Blackcomb rental office after 1p.m. to get equipment for the following day.

Visitors have several choices as to where to collect their rental equipment.  Check individual locations for pickup times, for each one varies.  During peak season (December through March), most rental offices are open until 9pm.

Storage and Reservations

It may be a hassle to house equipment at vacation rentals in Whistler, so you may take advantage of overnight equipment storage, which is located at Whistler Village Base and Blackcomb Base.  Alternatively, seek daytime storage at the Roundhouse, Glacier Creek, and Rendezvous mountain top restaurants.

Some skiers and boarders are partial to a brand of equipment, so Whistler-Blackcomb-2015you can rent particular selections. but only when renting from the Performance or Demo categories.  Once a Performance or Demo model is chosen, you may specify further or choose once you arrive at the resort.

Snowboard or Skis

Some people prefer to ski while others snowboard.  A select number of people enjoy doing both.  If you want to switch from skis to a board or vice versa, simply return the first set of equipment and ask for further help.  If you’re renting from the Demo category, you can swap at anytime from the mountaintop locations, which saves you the time and hassle of having to head back to the valley.

Clothing and Accessories

While most veterans bring along their own clothing and accessories, others prefer to rent them or need to because they don’t own them at all.  Those new to skiing or boarding may want to consider renting a helmet along with a jacket and pants to help keep them dry.  Alternatively, you may purchase a number of items from the range of retail outlets at the mountain.

Damages and Penalties

A damage waiver ensures that you’re covered (within reason) if you happen to break or damage your rented equipment.  If you do not purchase a waiver, you are liable for the repair costs of the equipment or the need to buy new equipment.

On and Offline Reservations

You may reserve your equipment online or call 1 800 766 0449.  Many find doing it online saves them time so they may focus more energy toward shopping and sports once arriving to the area.

If you prefer to leave your own equipment at home or don’t own any, it’s easy and convenient to reserve, gather, and store equipment at Whistler-Blackcomb.

Staff Writer; Chris Jackson

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