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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Demolition Earth: Leaving Future Generations Homeless.

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( This Christian understanding of the relationship between man and earth will cause cataclysm that man will be unable to endure. While social unrest, wars, famines, failing economies, and hopelessness are constantly broadcasted as the main threat to humans on earth, many fail to acknowledge the possibility of the earth’s atmosphere changing so it is no longer habitable for humans.

As materialism continues to trump spirituality, it distorts who is really in charge. This is referring to spirituality, not religion, but one’s connection to their humanity, fragility, and the dependence on earth for one’s survival.

Man’s industrial way of life hides dependence on the earth for our food, clothing, and shelter. While supermarket aisle are so overstocked with food that much of it is wasted, people fail to realize prior the supermarket the food originated in the soil. Regardless of the poisonous chemicals used to produce it; it still comes from the earth. The material used for our cherished technological devices come from the earth. The clothes we wear, the cars we drive, the material comes from Mother Earth.

Man still in an early stage of development but has allowed his ignorance to believe our intellect supersedes the laws of nature, which has existed thousands, millions, or billions of years prior to the existence of man.

There are eco-systems on earth that man doesn’t know about due to man’s limited contact. The Keurguelen Islands of the South Indian Ocean or Socotra Island in Yemen are examples of remote areas whose plant life and creatures are  foreign to the world’s most accomplished scientist. Man is still unable to figure out the engineering techniques used by the builders of the Great Pyramids not only in Egypt but around the world. Numerous sights in the heal-the-world-2015-mother-earthEastern and Western Hemisphere contain pyramid shaped buildings which share the same latitude, leaving anthropologist and historians unaware why.

Peoples who existed on the continents of Africa, North America, and South America prior to their extermination upon contact with European imperialists practiced a lifestyle in which they were subservient to earth, having the utmost consciousness, avoiding unfettered use of her resources and overpopulating her soils. These people, though viewed as primitive, mastered a sustainable relationship between man and earth, for thousands of years. The West’s disdain for such a sustainable lifestyle is the inability of profitability due to the resistance against exploiting the earth for financial gain. Despite derogatory statements about the indigenous way of life, one must acknowledge the sustainability, which is unmatched to the short existence of American society which seems to be coming closer to its inevitable demise.

The Christian idea of the world coming to a end, coupled with pride, greed, and ego, has led man to exhibit irreparable harm to the Earth’s soil and atmosphere. Regardless of one’s religious beliefs, what if, the earth becomes uninhabitable prior to the rapture Christians are preparing for? What if resources deplete before the new heaven and new earth? What will become of mankind and what will become of Christians?

Does man really have dominion over the elements that have devastated man throughout his origin in the lands of Ethiopia ( Africa) ?

While we drive to work spewing destructive emissions into the atmosphere, drink sugar water out of plastic bottles, made in factories which also provide emissions, no one stops to think how long this type of living will last.

The great Pacific garbage patch, fracking in West Virginia, runoff from chicken farms, over-fishing, are all signs of ways man has abused Earth. The Pacific Ocean is littered with garbage, disrupting and destroying the life forms in that area. People of West Virginia suffer immensely from the effects of fracking, which leaves the residents with flammable water. Chicken farms produce so much waste that runs off into the local streams, corrupting the water with the steroids and anti-biotics given to these super chickens Americans love to eat. Numerous municipalities have made the fishing of certain kinds of fish illegal due to ignorance of man who kill fish for sport and dinner, not allowing ample time for reproduction.

I am aware people are busy and stressed working and masquerading trying to impress friends with their debt mobiles and loan homes, but our ignorance towards the reality of the unsustainable life we live holds an irresponsibility that mankind will regret. Due to the ideology of profits before humanity, industrial nations are still dependent on oil for the use of automobile. Europe uses diesel fuel, which spews more emissions due to the cost effectiveness of diesel compared to gasoline fuel.

Despite the damage done, we as humanity must collectively change our life styles for the future of the human race. The unsustainable use of the Earth will lead to devastating consequences for both rich and poor. Weather you live in a mansion in Beverly Hills or a zinc fence shack in Jamaica when all water is tainted and soil destroyed both will suffer.

Staff Writer; Linton Hinds Jr.

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