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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Keeping Our Pastors Accountable – Just As They Do You.

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( In light of mega-churches, 60 million dollar jets and mansions while church members struggle to pay rent and make end meet, it is time that we all examine what has gone wrong in our churches of today. So you say you have been taught to believe to keep the pastor accountable is judging and you are not to touch God’s anointed? If you believe that completely, you have been brainwashed. So you say you don’t know enough of the Word of God to correct the pastor? Then you are ignoring God’s directive to study to show (shew) yourself approved so you will not be ashamed because you will be able to rightly divide the Word of truth. Or maybe you even say the materialism and worldly thinking of the money-changers in the church today does not bother you. Then you fail to realize I Corinthians says we are all members one of another. And if we are, than what one person (pastor) does clearly affects the Body of Christ as a whole. Or finally, maybe you believe the deception that a pastor is not to be corrected. Wrong.

Accountability is for everybody – yes even your pastor. He (or she) is not just accountable to God. He is accountable to the Body of Christ, the church God has entrusted to lead. No pastor is above correction. And if you are in a place of worship where the pastor is not corrected when he or she deviates from the word of God, you are in a dangerous place. A pastor is a leader and a shepherd – not a god or a king. The pastor is not better than you. He does not walk on water.

You gotta ask questions. Questions are not negative criticisms and asking questions is not judging. Ask how much your church brings in. Ask what the money is used for or where it goes. Ask how much the pastor makes. Ask about the process of helping people as God’s word says – giving, not loaning people money. Ask about the protocol for correcting Biblical errors from the pulpit. Instead of asking and speaking up, when many people discover major errors or false doctrine, they leave the church and the deceptions continue to go unchecked. Sometimes people leave because the pastor has strategically placed people in place to counter even legitimate objections, making them seem like the ramblings and gossip of troublemakers. So watch out and expect legitimate objections to be met with resistance.

You gotta study for yourself. If you do not study for yourself, it Megachurch-black-2015will be all too easy for a pastor to teach you false doctrine and make it believable. An uninformed sheep can be the victim of deception just as quickly as a deer at a waterhole becomes prey for a hungry cheetah. Therefore you have to double-check the scriptures and context the pastor uses. Yes this requires study just like when you were in school because the Bible tells us to study – not just to read it, memorize a verse a week, read a passage before bed at night or blanketly accept what the pastor says as the complete truth.

One of the deadliest false doctrines to hit the Christian church is the “Prosperity Gospel’ – a scripture-twisting doctrine that some mega-pastors use to promote materialism while they get rich but most of their members never will. I am not saying we are to be poor, but promoting worldly riches, buying Rolls Royces and Leer Jets does not represent the biblical prosperity that tells us to place our treasures in Heaven – not on Earth. Another deadly doctrine is the Christians have to pay tithes. This doctrine is used by many pastors to count on and gather money to advance their own agendas and by other pastors because they cannot distinguish between Old Covenant paying of tithes vs. New Covenant guidelines for giving (Luke 6:38, II Corinthians 9:6-7). For more information and biblical proof on this topic, email your request to me at

People are being deceived in many churches all over this country because of two primary reasons. The first is because they do not or will not study for themselves. Maybe some of you have not been taught to STUDY the bible, but instead only to read it. The second is because many Christian people have a sincere desire to trust their pastor, to hope he/she is teaching the right thing. But nobody is perfect, errors from the pulpit can devastate family after family and YOU have to know the bible for yourself in order to live it. It’s time to wake up and stop being brainwashed. How did Christ do so much without private jets, mega-sanctuaries or taking up tithes (He didn’t collect any and neither did the Apostles)? This is your wake up call to stop being gullible, tricked, deceived, manipulated, used and made to feel guilty. Study to shew yourself approved and you will be able to spot false doctrine.

Staff Writer; Marque-Anthony


11 Responses to “Keeping Our Pastors Accountable – Just As They Do You.”
  1. toomanygrandkids says:

    @James Davis…I don’t need to be checked, but there are some facts you need to check. 3 weeks before Freddie Gray was arrested, that Mosby chick ordered additional officers to patrol that area because of the heavy drug trafficking. Freddie was there to do what all drug dealers do: SELL DRUGS!

    If the 6 officers accused of Freddie Gray’s murder are guilty, then yes, they deserve to go to jail. But what made Freddie run in the first place? If he wasn’t doing anything wrong/illegal, then he should have remained where he was. Only the guilty and confused run from the police.

  2. Papacool says:

    I have enough trouble keeping myself straight and do not want to waste time with false prophets. The Bible stated that they exist so it should be no surprise to any of us. As it was also stated that the poor will be with us always, so shall it be with liars and the antichrist. There is none among us that is perfect as we all have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory. To find God’s will is an individual objective towards spirituality as one must find Him on a personal basis. This world is full of hypocrites and those that use others to attain personal fame and gain. No one has to be a victim unless they allow themselves to be. Due to the fact that alot of people can not or will not think for themselves, there will always be those that will take advantage of the situation and use the Bible scriptures in the wrong context to get what they want. All I can do is pray that it never happens to me or those that I love. Peace out, Papacool.

  3. jdgwisd says:

    It’s funny, Jesus reason to move on from Judaism was too much business as usual(hoarding riches,taking advantage of the poorer members financially,spiritually, physically). I live for the Spirit of God. It led me away from institutions and more towards personal enlightenment. When you study the formation of Christianity much of what African American Christians practice as Christian faith was based upon nation state political idealogy. Whether it was the Romans(Constantine), the colonialists, or others Christianity was used as a form of classification of cultures these nation states wanted to dominate. So, to solely base your faith in an institution can be shown as a lack of enlightenment at most,denial at best.

  4. James Davis says:

    When you distort and confuse the truth with misleading statements, you should be called out!

    @ jdean: Sure,I have an agenda and I’m not ashamed of it. I want to see African Americans become economically independent and see these high black unemployment rates fall below 10 percent permanently. Visit my blog and look up the subject “Behind the Numbers” and you will find our unemployment rate increased to 10.2 percent last month. The highest rate the nation reached was 10.0 percent back in October, 2009 and from there, the national rate receded to 5.5 percent. We have been over 10.0 percent for seven years. Please excuse me for having an agenda! As far as my belief in God, I think you better check yourself about who you are calling a fool. God who created the universe and you also, weighted in on who He thinks is a fool!
    Psalms 14:1
    1 (To the chief Musician, A Psalm of David.) The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.

    When it comes to you, “If the shoe fits, then wear it.”

    @ toomanygrandkids: You had better check yourself! You should determine what you want to be; one who upholds rogue and corrupt police men and women or a flip-flopper. Here are your comments regarding Freddie Gray: The piece was titled; Baltimore From Charm City to Deadly City
    toomanygrandkids says:
    “It has been reported that Freddie Gray was a heroin dealer and his mom was a heroin addict for at least 20 years. So yeah, most likely Freddie Gray’s lifestyle may have eventually caught up with him.”

    Here in your comments, you admit police men and women can be corrupt, but not when it comes to Freddie Gray! What’s up with that?

    @ Marque Anthony:
    Thank you for naming names. I did not see my church pastor or my church among those names. To my Christian brothers and sisters who happen to read this piece and these comments, did you see your pastor or your church among those names? However, for those who may read this piece, I want to also give you a name. This is the name of a church which upholds and preaches the Gospel of Jesus Christ ( as if there are none) as it is laid out in the Holy Bible. It is the church I attend and am a member of and it is where I have taught a Bible study class for ten years. Visit with us: New Salem Primitive Baptist Church in Central Florida.

  5. Marque Anthony says:

    James you are entirely missing the point. READING IS FUNDAMENTAL and comprehension is even better. My article clearly states that accountability is for everybody, whether I list names or not. If I did give names, you likely would have complained about that as well by saying I was judging them. You can’t have it both ways – names and no names. But in case you think I am making a blanket indictment, let me correct you and provide names.

    Ministers who are teaching false prosperity doctrine include Jessy Duplantis, Kenneth Copeland, Creflo Dollar, Marilyn Hickey Ministries, Paula White, Jerry Savelle, Peter Popoff. Now, feel better James?

  6. toomanygrandkids says:

    There’s more corruption, lying, cheating, and criminals among the so-called holy than regular criminals on the street. In fact, pastors and members of the congregation aid and protect criminals just like corrupt, dirty cops. For years and till this day, blacks overlook and accept this type of behavior. Most even remain church members. IMO, the black church is the devil’s playground for the wicked to do whatever they please.

  7. jdean says:

    James Davis you are the exact person the article talks about. You obviously have an agenda based on your website at the bottom. Jesus Christ and the religious concept was made up by Europeans to enslave the world. Idiot. You are still falling for it in 2015. There is tons of proof just google it about the falsehood of Christianity. Dont knock you for what you believe but if you believe in fairy tales like Santa Claus and that wrestling is real. What does that make you? A Kid!!!LOL Stop being a follower and get some real education. Fool(In my Ice Cube Voice)

  8. James Davis says:

    This piece is misleading, and is deceptive propaganda when its comes to Christianity!

    1) The writer does not name any specific pastor or church. It appears to be a blanket attack against Christianity without one iota of factual evidence. Name names and tell us specifically which pastor has said what and what is wrong with that pastor’s message. Don’t indict religion generally. Don’t take one pastor or so called church and imply this is true of all churches.

    2) He fails to tell his readers just because a person puts church on a building and calls him or herself a pastor that this individual has been recognized by Jesus Christ as one of his disciples. The Holy Bible warns on several occasions about and true believers should in the course of studying the Bible become aware of false teachers. They distort the teaching of Jesus Christ much like this piece does.

    3) Blanketing a religion with any allegation shows poor judgment and is hurtful to many people who look to religion to find meaning in their life. This is especially true of many of our youngsters who may read a piece like this and get the wrong impression. They may get turned off when it comes to learning the ways of Jesus Christ. If that happens, that would be a tragey.

    In conclusion, let me set the record straight as a believer in Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ has laid out the truth to us in the Holy Bible when it comes to understanding life and the world around us. Whether we choose to believe and develop a relationship with Him is a matter for each individual to work out for himself or herself. It is the most crucial decision of your life. When making any decision of great importance, research and get the facts. When you do that, you too will conclude that what this writer is attempting to do and encourage is the minimization of the teaching of Jesus Christ. There are many churches which teach and reflect the true message and meaning of the Holy Bible as I attend one.

  9. ROBERT says:

    AFTER all black AMERICA has been through I fail to see how anyone can ever take a black AMERICAN CHRISTIAN serious!

  10. Our people should read book called “Sunday Morning Stick Up” Good read.

  11. reality_check says:

    THe black church is a farce.

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