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Sunday, May 19, 2019

Mike Brown-Eric Garner – A Community Breakdown.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Unity – Daily for generations our families and the families before us have been individually affected by pain. Those pains have all derived from racism and as a result, betrayal, distrust; hate within the same race mixed with negative media has prevented us from coming together supporting each one as a unit.

But, when the pain is felt by a country as a whole, such as police brutality, all those past pains reaches through the veins of our souls causing us to make the time we never said we had so that we may for a short time vent the howling injustice pains that our forefathers left in our DNA from past generations. We unite as one but only for a short time until our lack of patience causes us to go back to our learned behavior of defeat.

Again our pain subsides and because we are acting on hidden generational emotions, our bark become more silent day by day based upon the many struggles of daily life and the different of opinions that’s causes us to continue to suffer individually. Again, we have become alone in the mist of our depression with no hope of justice for our lives and the lives of our children. We creep back into our private corners unaware of a solution and the inability to create one with no hope in government or the judicial system. What are we displaying to our youth when we as men cannot lead our youth to fight for justice for whatever reason and as a result showing our youth they will never be leaders themselves?

Now, how do you come together when no one trust anyone based upon learned behavior of hate and distrust. Aren’t we all a little to blame. Haven’t we all failed our youth in some regards…I can like your FB comment on enough is enough but after I do click like, do I go back to my life until the next victim dies or do I organize without emotions with those many who agreed with my comment.

    • If you have 500 people who liked your FB comment.. Why not meet with those 500 via internet or in person and discuss solutions and hold each person accountable monthly. Let’s See how many people show up!!. We are smart people…we just don’t know how much power we have until we put action to our words without fear or excuses…

Questions we mustn’t ignore

Are you blaming those who are throwing rocks, burning buildings or rioting?

Have you quickly forgotten that racism for generations has invisibly caused this by slowing killing our Community with lack of jobs, prisons, in justice, police brutality, drugs imported into our neighborhoods, and the fatherless and motherless?

Have anyone of us understood that black on black crime is due to impoverish uneducated neighborhoods created by a system. And how foolish it is for us to point blame because we think we are smarter when time and opportunity is waiting for us to one day be next?Eric-Garner-Michael-Brown-2014

Have you understood that no matter what our income status may be, this will slowly destroy us person by person until death and solitude knocks at the door of one of your family members and eventually ours?

Can you think of anyone- rich, poor, entertainer, athlete, politician, musician, religious leaders who has not been affected?

How much longer will we turn our heads before death and despair knocks at our door?

How dare we act as if our crap has no scent?

How dare we point at those because society has tricked us to believing we are better because we have a better job, more money or maturity as if we are not a job away from also being like our forefathers or the looters, losing that maturity we think we have?

How dare us think that we could not possible be next!

How dare we think it could never happen to us!

How dare we think we are untouchable! Right Mr. Race Rice?

This is called survival and by any means necessary for that father or little child who’s daughter or sister needs milk and a justice department saying so what to you not having a job!!And what do you tell those individuals who have been praying and waiting on God just as our enslaved forefathers who just kept praying and ended up dying in their pain of their own grief and the many who watched for generations their grandmothers pray as they paid tithes waiting for that window to pour down a blessing they would have room enough to?????

I’m just keeping it real here. What do you say to the many parents who has no sympathy or our youth due to the black on black crimes that has destroyed their families leaving fatherless children repeating the process.

STI720 work with youth weekly but I personally had a recent experience with a youth who keyed my car because I was in the wrong neighborhood. How did I initially feel? I am glad you asked. I was pissed, my response was, don’t this ignorant F*** know I am here to help. I had a thought that crossed my mind saying “forget working with these rude behaviors sons of Bitches”

Followed by the next thought (A REVELATION) hmmm….I felt this way for material damage on one occasion, how a parent must feel for their child to be killed by black on black crime or an officer who joined the force with great intentions has to deal with rude behavior and fear for his or her life on a day to day basis with a community that has stopped caring for systematic valid reasons. Or a store clerk who could have killed Mike Brown and probably vindicated for Mike was putting his hands on the store clerk before he encountered the police.

Imagine if this was your wife, mother or grandma or even yourself who owned your own store and you had someone 6ft 3 who grabbed a handful of cigars without your permission and pushes you and almost knocks down your grandma and you not knowing what his intentions are?

What would you do? What is causing this?

Negative Media Alert!!! Negative Media Alert!!! Negative Media Alert!!!

There is Limited footage now on the Unity that’s happening in NY and other major Cities with all Races. Why? The Eric Garner wasn’t supposed to be videotaped. According to history my friends, African Americans has and will never be considered the people, no matter how much money we make.

It’s about POWER!! Isn’t that Right Mr. Cosby?


the PEOPLE come together with African Americans. Everyone will halt and the PEOPLE will stop and listen. I know it’s terrible that we still have to depend on others but it was design for us in the beginning to work as a unit, so, it is what it is. Negative media says, If I can get you blacks to hate the PEOPLE (the only one who can help you-cause they have no fear ) and get the PEOPLE to hate you (Through negative Media of continuous black on black crime & media portrayal of blacks as Ghetto). Then you will forever be doomed until America is mixed with all races and the black as the only people who has lost the race.

FACT: The Freedom Riders didn’t get attention until there were whites who died for the cause. Laws were then change. Slaves were helped into freedom by whites. Its history my people!!!

We can fight all we want against the so called People, but until we unite with The People (as Michael Jackson a week before he lost his life. BLACK, WHITE, MEXICAN AND BROWN must Unite to make a Change and it starts within us in order to save this world we live in)

All Whites aren’t bad people just as all Blacks aren’t to be trusted. There are good and bad in ALL of us but education through positive media is one solution we all can agree on. But it starts with US!!

Show the People positive media of our youth, and educate those youth that are having issues by connecting them with those who are positive. Youth teaching the youth. Instead of Youth Killing Youth!!

One Youth at a time. From Experience, it’s hard to care when someone of your own color has taken a love one of yours. But with Gods Forgiveness, if he can change my heart, I know he can change ANYONE”S!! Cause there was a time when I didn’t give a BLANK!!!

But now, very few people can come close to how much I truly CARE about my people!!!! This message is for the WISE!!! Those who don’t give a rats donkey, then continue to suffer when you know for certainty that there is no answer INSIDE!!!

Disliking someone for no reason means you dislike yourself!!!! How can you love when you had no one to love you and how you can love someone else when you don’t love yourself!! Support these Youth my Adult Friends….be an example to these youth, Let us Stop waiting on help from the PEOPLE !!!

We are educating our youth in Social Media to Produce, Host, Live Stream, Write, their own Internet TV show, news, or entertainment show for free beginning in middle and high school. With community support, we can continue to educate & support and pay youth a better salary than working at a fast food joint that serves unhealthy food to our community. Tune in to my next Topic.

How changing the media through “On the job training” changes & empowers the mind of our youth worldwide.

Staff Writer; Barnard Greg

Also connect with this brother over at; http://streammyschool.com.


6 Responses to “Mike Brown-Eric Garner – A Community Breakdown.”
  1. toomanygrandkids says:

    Racism doesn’t exist in every situation. For many years, it’s been used as a crutch black people lean on to justify their own actions and behavior. Just like slavery. When slavery occurred hundreds of years ago, nobody living today did anything to change or do away with it. That’s because it was out of our control then just like it is now. When this so-called racism occurs, every black hadn’t heard of Michael Brown or Eric Garner. But when they got killed all of a sudden blacks especially react in a way as if both of these males were family and/or friends. Even in the case of Trayvon Martin. But that’s just the reaction that race pimps such as Jesse and Al expected out of people. And they got their wish.

    As far as black communities being flooded with drugs, did you know that black cops are getting paid big money to protect drug dealers. They’ve been in cahoots with dealers ever since marijuana was the popular drug. Now, black cops have graduated to overseeing cocaine transactions. They are even providing confidential information to these drug dealing gang bangers. That’s not racism. It’s niggerism. Black cops and dealers are conducting these illegal activities in school parking lots, parks, and crowded malls. It’s no wonder young black children aren’t safe at school and parks. Black cops don’t patrol those areas to protect children (nor adults). They are at those spots to protect drug dealers, oversee transactions, and put thousands of dollars in their pockets.

  2. Barnard Greg says:

    @ Anistasia the Bold…..I humbly accept your comment. Words such as yours bring inspiration, earnest expectation, and change to those that still believe. As such, I can also understand those who do not believe based upon open eyes. Like fighting a hurricane with four people saying “I GOT IT”..thanks Ani

  3. Barnard Greg says:

    @StayCO…im not the writer of the Bobby Shmurda article….

  4. StayCo says:

    I dunno how you can write an article like this then turn right around and right an article condemning Bobby Shmurda. Like it said earlier in the article, this sort of behavior is due to an impoverished society that lives in the “Ghetto”. Its fueled by fatherless children. Well, Mike Brown had a father. Im not trying to justify the police shooting an unarmed black man, as no police should be rolling up on anybody and shooting them. But i didnt see anywhere in this aricle that called Mike Brown a “Homegrown terrorist” even tho both bobbys arrest and Mr. Browns deaths can be rooted to the same thing; growing up in a society where getting locked up is common, and poverty is widespread. Maybe it was the difference in article writers, i have no idea, but this website should at least try to convey a united message instead of me reading this(Don’t get me wrong, its well written) and then reading the article about Bobby being a homegrown terrorist.

  5. This article needs to be on a billboard outside of every black millionaires office, room and home. It needs to be at the gate of every black neighborhood, the door of every classroom. This article needs to be read to and/or by every child from kindergarten to high school. It should memorized like bible verses in the BTU classroom, and the scriptures that we hide in our heart should also contain these words as well, because these words inspire, uplift, motivate and call us to action. African-American people as a whole & all others should use this article for a meeting of the minds with individuals who are prominent in society to provoke change. President Obama & The New Tea Party should take an excerpt from this page, in pieces until they have the whole thing in their system. I think this article should be printed and handed out to all the Mega Churches, all the Government officials and added in the back of the Bible under the book of “If All Else Fails, Try This.” #AlwaysAComedian #BelievingInPeople #KnowingWeAreNotAllBad

  6. jDean says:

    Great article , well said.

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