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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

For The Love Of Fashion.

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( I’m trying  to really figure out who is really raising these new generations of so called men?

That will leave a family to grieve over an sensless act of greed.also to take from another instead of going out there and making the money themselves. This ignorance can no longer be ignored…the mindset of some of these black men is off track…. if you don’t mind doing life behind bars for a pair of sneakers…you was not born are raised to be animals but kings from generation to the next generation.

And yes….i feel its not just the parents problem for raising kids as such.BlingBling247 But also the community the school system…the negative thoughts and images that some music also television gives off to make it a must that these young boys must have these things in order to be not judge by societies stand point of what they think makes up a man.
Cars,money,women,rims,gold chains. Material things.
For the love of money”people will rob,kill,and steal from there own….that song never lied its just showing up more upon our black youth.instead of us starting our kings off in being treated like kings at home letting them see how a man surppose to be treated as a king and how he should treat others and its not meant for them to be caged in a jail cell are killing another king over more of our royal blood should be waisted in these streets. Nor caged in like some monkey at a zoo for site seeing.
I pour out my soul  to you all….if you see a black young queen are black young  king.. in confusin state of life and material things in it…..take the time out to teach wisdom upon them…

Written By Michelle West



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