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What I Don’t Like about the Mister Cee Scandal.


(ThyBlackMan.com) We’ve all heard the news, right? Legendary DJ Mister Cee was caught up in a scandal last week after footage of him soliciting a transgender prostitute surfaced.  Apparently, on the audio, the DJ can be heard negotiating prices for sexual acts with “drag queen” Bimbo Winehouse.

After the recording leaked, Mister Cee resigned from Hot 97 (he’s since returned). He said the footage was from an arrest in 2011 after he was allegedly caught soliciting sexual acts from transvestites.

Now, initially the DJ denied all allegations from 2011, yet after this new leak, he finally came clean.

During an interview with Ebro Darden, Hot 97’s station director, he said:

“I am tired of trying to do something or be something that I am not.”

“Have I lied about getting sexual fellatio in a car by a transsexual? I have lied about that. I feel bad for the listeners that it did take a video for me to say this because I have been in denial with this for a very, very long time.”

“Now the funny part of it, and I know I’m gonna get hit with social media when I say thi,s but I’m gonna say it anyway: Do I consider myself gay? No, I don’t consider myself gay.”

Now he has a new PSA out where he has linked up with the AIDS Healthcare Foundation to talk about this incident and officially “come clean.” One thing he said that stood out to me was:

“For me, I felt worried about how my family would be affected, how my coworkers and my friends and even my friends would be affected by this decision, because in this hop-hop community of ours, it’s not cool to be gay. It’s not cool to be bisexual.”

He goes on to talk about how now he’s exercising his right to sexual freedom and that’s why he’s teaming up with the AIDS Foundation. And how we all have a right to a sexual life that’s free from shame and disease.

Okay, now there’s something about Mister Cee’s actions (and now his reactions) that I just don’t like. Everything is about him. It was about him from the jump satisfying his curiosity and/or desires to be with transvestites. It was about him not getting caught and destroying his image, so he lied. It was about him not being “shunned” or exiled, so he lied…again. And now that he’s deciding to tell the truth, it’s about him being able to be free and unashamed.

Excuse me, but what about his wife?

He said he was concerned about how his family and friends would be affected with his decision to come out because being gay/bi isn’t “cool” in hip hop. Translation? Oh no, what will they think of me? Umm…that’s selfish.

There was no “Oh no, how will this affect my wife because it’s not “cool” 1) for a husband to be unfaithful and 2) for a husband to publicly be unfaithful with a transgender prostitute.” He still did what he wanted to do; there was no concern back then for his wife.

Then he talked about every person having the right to a sexual life that’s free of shame and disease. Does every person exclude your wife? Was Mister Cee thinking about her “sexual rights” and how he was ultimately putting them at risk by publicly shaming her and putting her health at risk with his infidelity?

I don’t know; this whole “Oh, I’m finally coming out” thing just rubbed me the wrong way. It seems like his focus is more on him now not having to be ashamed of who he is and promoting health awareness now that’s he’s openly gay (or whatever), but it’s like, dude, don’t just all of a sudden embrace truth and sexual rights when it benefits you.

He said himself he was in denial…true. But he was also selfish; own that sir. It’s not just about him coming out and can finally be himself in the world of hip-hop; it’s about you were selfish and risked your marriage and your wife’s sexual health. She isn’t affected just because the hip hop community will now know you’re gay (or whatever); she’s affected because she is your wife. You were selfish, DJ, and it certainly appears that you still are by turning your selfish acts into a “Oh I was afraid” and “hip hop is so homophobic” and “I don’t want anyone to be afraid of who they are so I’m standing up for AIDS.” Stop solely focusing on how this benefits you, DJ. It’s like he’s saying, “I wasn’t wrong for not being honest because it was adultery and illegal and I humiliated my wife, I was wrong for not being honest because, as a gay man (or whatever), you should be open and free no matter what.” Take responsibility for your selfishness and its affects on everyone, not just you and your stunted sexual freedom.

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m not feeling the one-sided approach of Mister Cee’s “new enlightenment.” What about you?


Source;  (PSA and interview)

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