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Monday, June 25, 2018

Black Man Claim Your Birthright as Head of the Family!

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( As I look at the society of Africa America today, one statistic among many has special significance to me. According to the Census Bureau, 70.1% of all Black households with a family of four had the woman as the head of the house in 2011. In 1960 only 17.6% of Black households listed were maintained by women. We can opine to no end on the reason why this reality is such, however I am choosing to briefly provide a historical understanding along with what the Black man as head of the household truly represents.

Ever since the holocaust of the transatlantic slave trade began, African Americans fought, bled, and were murdered attempting to do nothing more then obtain the other two fifths of our humanity which had been denied us. Between 1960 and 2013 that struggle produced The Civil Rights and Voting Rights Act, an expansion of social security programs, and a host of affirmativeblackmanheadofhousehold action initiatives which have benefitted White women tremendously. This 53 year span has also produced a backlash from white supremacy which saw these steps for humanity as a threat to their hold on systematic power in all things.

We saw the rise of crack cocaine, the ramping up of laws empowering the prison industrial complex and a psychological war designed to dehumanize African American men in particular as criminals and degenerates of ill intent. We also witnessed the fall of independently owned Black businesses. The rise of these and other similar attacks were designed to produce a vacuum of leadership in the Black household. Black male unemployment skyrocketed, along with the incarceration and mortality rates. This buttresses the philosophy of cutting off the head, so the body will die.

The man in any family represents the leader, maintainer, provider and protector of his woman, children, home and community in general. An absence of that presence means the woman must fulfill responsibilities not meant for her. This undoubtedly will disrupt the necessary balance which must be present in any family in order for it to optimize its contributions to creating a thriving community. For these reasons, oppressive societies around the world have targeted the male children for destruction.

The Black man must revel in the intended power as head of the household for that is not only one of the best ways to fully prepare one’s family for the struggle of daily living, but it also ensures the roles he has fulfilled will live on as his future legacy among all those he came in contact with. This ensures the survival of the Black family unit which is the one aspect white supremacy does not want.

This must be understood first and foremost. If a Black man has not had a father in his life to learn how to execute these roles, he must look for a mentor he can consult and learn from. The mothers of children must be treated and looked upon as wives deserving to be maintained, protected and preserved. The children of Black men must be seen as a priceless seed that will produce fruit for future generations. This seed, much like a garden needs to be watered and must be regularly protected from the weeds and animals that will try to consume the fruit before it has ripened.

The psychological conditioning to destroy the role of Black manhood must be identified and discussed openly so that young men full of rage and anger can begin to understand how to process their unspoken emotions. By doing this, the Black man would be able to hold himself up as the ultimate symbol of strength, power and self control that would serve as an unstoppable inspirational force to his future progeny and countless individuals who would look up to him for personifying the example of fulfilling a humanity once forbidden. 

Daughters would want to marry men similar to their fathers, because they will have an intimate knowledge of what a man is. Sons would grow up wanting to be like their fathers, as they will have witnessed the pillar of strength he personifies. Women who value these traits would find their man unique to them, irreplaceable and be less inclined to try and find another “baby daddy”. Black man: Reclaim the rightful position designed for you as head of the house! To not do this, threatens the future of our very existence.   

Staff Writer; Amir Makin

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8 Responses to “Black Man Claim Your Birthright as Head of the Family!”
  1. will says:

    Help me with some comparisons. Dr. James Dobson, Josh McDowell, Ving Rhames. Do the two white conservatives and the latter black actor have any similarities. Dobson has wrote extensively on the breakdown of the American family the last thirty years. McDowell wrote a book on marriage in the early seventies on male responsibility. Rhames narrated the BET series American Gangster and stated “the want of leadership” at the close of the Civil Rights Era. When you combine the three you come up with the impact of the sexual revolution/repudiation of Christian values in the black community. We go to church, profess that God is our Father and Jesus is Lord only to subsequently deny both with our secular/private/public behavior. We have become like the ancient Greeks/Romans who said you can serve the gods with your spirit and live anyway carnally. Problem? Yeah! It could only lead to disaster in institutions like the family, community, nation etc. Insanity anyone? Yeah, just move to the hood!

  2. Dorothy Lucey says:

    @Ramses you are absolutely correct. We have outlined this in my film. After further research and interviewing, we feel like everything is a guide by Willie E Lynch. Those of you who are familiar with him he was a slave owner who wrote a letter to control a nigger slave by bullwhipping the black male to point of death all in her presence.. Seeing this caused the black woman to go from a dependent state of mind to a frozen independent state a mind causing her to raise her off springs in different roles. Her females to be independent and the males to be strong in the body but weak in the mind (body/mind). How many women streaming today, I’m independent and don’t need a man? How many men are leaving black women because of their plight of success? Willie E Lynch ended the letter stating, they must trust and worship only us. Government assistance has taken over and not just in our community but we are the ones that are targeted because no one speaks up about it. We have learned to accept the negative feedback and criticism but not anymore. I’m speaking out and my film is the voice for the people. Who needs a man when the government provides food, shelter, and clothing? How can our men untuck their tails and lead by example? It’s going to take self evaluation and an open-minded individuals for this cycle to be reversed. We have give our younger generation a better chance at life. I don’t want to say too much abt the film but god bless everyone.

  3. Dorothy Lucey says:

    I’ve been filming a documentary that is about this subject matter. To be quiet honest my film goes deeper. It is exploring statistics of unwed mothers in the African American community, exploring the reason why black men chooses to date/married outside their race once they reach a level of success, and why the media and social networks openingly belittle, disrespect, and judge black women when every race are guilty of the same flaws. My film is due for completion in 6-8 weeks. I will be shopping around to different networks. Everything we are speaking about goes back to Willie E Lynch and slavery. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, you were once me uneducated about this topic and history as a whole. I was naive as a child about this subject matter, but now that I’m older it saddens me to see our race decline as a whole. The roles have reversed and in a negative perspective.  This topic makes the hair on my arms stand (literally). As a black woman we born with two strikes; we’re women and we’re black. Men and/or women of different ethnicities will never understand how deeply words can hurt and scar BUT in 6-8 weeks…. YOU WILL

    Dorothy Lucey
    @Dorothy_Lucey (twitter)
    Dorothy Lucey (Instagram/Facebook)

  4. Mrs. Thomas says:

    I’d like to begin at the beginning. I bless our Black Men, Buffalo Soldiers as Bob Marley tried to tell us through song. If I could touch each Black Brother I see and tell them that in spite of all of the oppression, the collective box society has tried to place them in, they are indeed the MOST EXQUISITE ADDITION TO THE HUMAN RACE EVER. So mighty in form, so absolutely beautiful.

    Society has labeled the Black Man as Menace, Baby Daddy (never father – a blatent lie) Bafoon, Ignorant and the Black Woman’s dumping ground. A Black man is dreaded, an entity to run from and to fear
    their uncontrollable desires. However, look around. A bi-racial man is our President. He self identifies as a Black Man. The last has become first.

    Our Black Men must first be HEALED. They’ve been put upon, lied on, disrespected, lynched (literally and figuratively) and many are simply walking along the well worn path. The path of least resistance. The path everyone expects the Black Man to tread. I offer a poem to all of my Black KINGS. I dedicate to my Husband,Father, Brother, Nephews and beautiful Black Men in my life:


    Give me your whole self.
    Not the part of you that has been dusted off, cleaned up and made new.
    I want the pieces of you that have been disillusioned, disappointed and discouraged.
    The parts of you that lie awake deep in the night crying bitter tears.
    The man who feels pressured by the system but keeps keeping on daily.
    I want the man who suffers from deep-seated, institutional racism.
    The man who others see and clutch purses tighter, lock car doors, leave elevators or otherwise assume you mean them harm.
    I want the man whose walk, whose talk, whose essence is always emulated but can never be duplicated as nothing truly exquisite ever is.
    Through all the pain, all the humiliation, all the negativity, our men have to be held.
    We must bring order where there is disarray because we are their help-mate.
    We must piece together what was stolen from us long ago on hot Mississippi nights.
    We can go back to the beginning when we were taught a new lanquage and forced to wear tattered rags concealing our blackness.
    Before our skin tones were watered down and turned into the melange of colors by the cruel, pale hands of fate.
    We can take the ragged pieces of you that were forged during the middle passage and painstakingly piece you together again.
    We need to restore you to your original brilliance.
    The time has come for us to embrace the whole of you. To honor your struggle and restore you to your rightful headship.
    Only then can we begin to heal what is wrong with our families and truly comprehend love noir.

    copyright 2012 tthomas

  5. Ramses says:

    I suggest realtalk to save yourself…that’s a task within itself. If you meet like minded individuals out here who are willing to work with you, then that’s cool. But for many brothers out here who are positive, we are on our own unless we form brotherhoods as a means to protect ourselves. As long as black men chase tail and don’t form any units to look out for each other, they will get destroyed. It doesn’t get anymore simple than that. We deal with shit most men on the planet would never even conceive of dealing with and it’s because many of us choose to be ponks. I chose a different course of action and it’s much more appealing than the arduous task of changing people’s behavior. I don’t have faith black people will change as a collective anymore and that’s cool because it’s not stopping me from my success at all and I am glad i don’t have to depend on them for my survival because that would be torture indeed. Blacks will never change collectively

  6. realTalk says:


    The problem I see is a divide which imo it’s no different from the House Nigger vs. Field Nigger. The system treats us all as second rate, but he treats the black female like the house nigger and by that I mean this: The white man will give females Welfare, Food Stamps and Section 8 just gives us the Black Mans social security number and we will revoke many of his rights and freedoms as an American citizen(the non-custodial parent is registered in the system with lesser rights in the exact same way as a common criminal – look it up) so now we have the black man being oppressed and the black women living in masters house eating his left overs (welfare money) as long as she keeps the field niggers in the field and tell if any escape. Many sisters know this but not all and to be honest it’s terrible. Then we have black men who don’t take care of thier children because they want to live a rap video fantasy which causes the cycle to repeat itself. I am worried about the state of our people.

  7. Ramses says:

    As long as welfare (which translates to the white man) exists, the black family will stay in the position it is in as a collective. There is a fear of white men, that exists in black men and women that is paranormal. The 1900’s were filled with plenty of messengers who tried to guide black people into the right course of action, yet these words and messages went unheeded. Now with the low position economically black people have as a collective, the lack of moral standards and spirituality, the level of homosexual behavior by both men and women, along with the inablity of black men and women to listen to authority has placed them in a situation where their children are so lost that they get their direction on living from “Gay Hop” artists who are psychotic. God tried to save black people once after slavery and they chose, as a collective to turn their backs on him, in favor of theories like Feminism and “Free Love” movements. To me, black people are more negative than positive and I don’t see it changing at all. If anything I see it getting worse. If the black man is to lead, he needs a viable partner.

    His companion needs to be comparable to him in terms of positive spirit because i don’t care how positive you are, if your mate is negative and suck your energy like a vampire, then you will not move forward in a positive manner. I just see black people being slowly weeded out of the equation in America slowly but surely through their own hands. I saw this report that showed the age range for blacks 13-24 have become the age demographic diagnosed with HIV at a rate of 39% in terms of the other age ranges within the black “community.” That is some scary shit right there.

    Full article;

  8. John says:

    Excellent article!

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